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1. Posted by HonoluluJi (Budding Member 25 posts) 10y

They be open but only a few. I spoke to the front desk of the Louis Tavern Day Rooms at SuwannaBoom learning that they expect 10 more in a week or so!...
++66-6-317-2211 for info in Thailand 06-317-2211 Now, I know that we need to add an 8 after the 6 for mobiles but I've a AIS mobile with a 06- number so who knows. Give it a go!

2. Posted by Peter (Admin 5847 posts) 10y

What is this about? I'm tempted to delete it for being promotional, but to be honest I don't even understand it.

3. Posted by HonoluluJi (Budding Member 25 posts) 10y

At least you wait if you don't understand...... That is a good start with me.

Look, the airport is big and there are many transit passengers. One can connect to another airline and move on from Bangkok without messing with Thai Passport control or picking up you bags. There is almost no customs for non Thais and passport control is about 30 sec for those visa waiver coutries. How ever it is far more comfortable use and airside ( before passport control) facility and just move on. Those Int'l passengers who have a long connection may like to sleep or shower. There are day rooms at many airports anbd often they are airside. i.e. Narita in Japan. The specifics of my posts an inquiry is that many, if not most, flight arrive in BKK rather late and for those who are headed to airports in Thailand that are also Int'l even though the accept Domestic arrivals also. In Thailand one can arrive and transit (not clear passport or p/u bags) to another Thai airport and clear passort there. Now if one arrives late and there are no flights to the next stop, Phuket in my case, you can sleep, shower or whatever and take a flight on having checked your bags thru to the final stop. Great, do passport and bags with out moving all you stuff and then back to the airport to recheck etc.

At the old airport there were literally hundreds of people sleeping of floors and in chairs who were transit passengers moving on to other locals.

It is verhy nice that the airside hotel in BKK, owned by the same person as at Don Muang, has the new place open.....

Wow, this is a travel forum and I really wonder why all the detailed info is needed.....Sorry, but I would expect a moddie to know abouyt such things.,...As to the joking about other services read between the lines. How ever, on other air travel boards the very same question was of note to many...

Mai Pen Lai...Kao Jai..
Hope this helps and now you know what to do if you want to visit a part of Thailand with out begining you trip in Bangkok. It is far nicer to deal with jet lag in Phuket, Chaing Mai or the other half doozen int'l airports in the Thai system. If you would like me to post more info on the specifics of how to matriculate thru the formalities being a transit passenger from SuwannaBoom I be more that happy to do so...

Sorry for a lil humour but I like to do things on the lite side..
Kao Jai?
Yo, dude. I really find it interesting that a moddie on a travel board don't know about transit passengers and day rooms etc. OK?

4. Posted by Peter (Admin 5847 posts) 10y

Quoting HonoluluJi

Yo, dude. I really find it interesting that a moddie on a travel board don't know about transit passengers and day rooms etc. OK?

Heh, I know what day rooms are.

What you missed in your post was any explanation about why this is actually interesting. Or that you were talking about an airport. Day rooms exist in other places too. And to be honest, I didn't know what on earth SuwannaBoon was. Perhaps I should, but I haven't been through Bangkok in some time and I don't go out of my way to find out (or remember) names of airports around the world. You could just as easily have been telling us all about the new day rooms at some spa in Thailand. And THAT would probably be deleted for being promotional ;)

5. Posted by HonoluluJi (Budding Member 25 posts) 10y

Pedro, come on....your post smells of trollinski from jump street...Read my post with all the refs to BKK and Thailand etc. BTW do you know that a smoking hot topic on the net is the new airport in BKK from 40 years in the making to cooked deals that contributed to a coup, to lost bags, to a total mess etc. Well, welcome to Int'l travel info...........

You apology is accepted for flaming my post!