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2 weeks to go!!!!!

Travel Forums Australia / New Zealand & The Pacific 2 weeks to go!!!!!

1. Posted by (Full Member 26 posts) 12y has indicated that this thread is about Australia

Hi all!

So I leave in 2 weeks (well 16 days and counting...) and I wondered if anyone has any last minute advice for me???
Is there anything you wish you'd packed or done before you went?
Anything you wish you'd left behind?
Anything I need to do when I first get there?
Places to definately visit?
Places to avoid?

Any help or advice would be great!
Thanx - Rachel x

2. Posted by maygen024 (Budding Member 8 posts) 12y

Hey whats up

I think I was talking to you a few months a back about travelling to OZ.

NE way, I am going to be leaving in 5 days and will be going to Sydney and then up the east coast to Surfers paradise. What are your plans once you get there?

3. Posted by (Full Member 26 posts) 12y

Hi Meghan,
I haven't actually made any plans but ideally I want to go up the East Coast and I want to go to Perth too! But it all depends on who I meet once I arrive in Sydney. 5 days...not long to go then! I've got 13 days to go now and I can't wait!!! Maybe I'll see you there then. I'm actually staying in Coogee about 10 mins from centre of Sydney.
Happy travellin'

4. Posted by stevieh (Respected Member 613 posts) 12y

When you arrive in Oz, you should sign up with Medicare. It's just so that you are registered for any medical treatment during your stay. It's free, but you have to let them know you are in the country.
Go to Noosa on the Sunshine Coast to chill.