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1. Posted by js_2005 (Budding Member 18 posts) 10y

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I'm studying in Moss, Norway next semester and I had a few questions concerning the country. First off, how's the weather from January through May? I'm curious to see what the climate difference is from where I live (North Dakota) and I also want to pack accordingly. Secondly, I heard it's really expensive and need help planning a budget. I don't plan on eating out a lot because it costs so much but I do want to travel around the country. I especially want to visit the western part. How's the public transportation? Does it cover most of the country and are the ticket prices reasonable? I'd also appreciate any other advice on Norway, particularly must-see places to visit. Thanks.

2. Posted by rweb (Budding Member 16 posts) 10y

Quoting js_2005

First off, how's the weather from January through May?

Cold. Winter in January, February and March. Spring in April and May. So do bring warm clothes.
Yes, it is expensive, if you are a student, eating out is not going to happen very often... but still many students can afford to go out and drink a lot of beer... (No, beer is NOT cheap here in Norway!)
Transportation is good and covers most of the country. The railway does not go beyond Bodø in the north, though. You can reach most places by bus and train. (and the major cities by plane of course)
Must-see places:
In the west you always have Geiranger fjord... it's a tourist trap, but very scenic.
The mountain road Trollstigen, which zig-zags down the hill side... you should visit the city of Bergen with its fish market. and Ålesund with its unique Jugend style buildings.
A very good way to travel in Norway is by the boat going from Bergen to Kirkenes (hurtigruta.) Lots of tourists from all over the world makes that trip, but it is very expensive, so I guess on a student budget, it is not an option.
Nearby Moss - the coast line down to the Swedish border is quite nice, and there are some small towns worth visiting. The old town in Fredrikstad, the small town of Halden right at the Swedish border with the fortress looking down on it. And Drøbak, a small city by the seaside with its wooden houses, very pittoresque. And Oslo of course. Moss is about 30 - 40 minutes by train from Oslo.

Hope you enjoy your stay in Moss and Norway! :)

3. Posted by js_2005 (Budding Member 18 posts) 10y

Thanks for the advice, it helped me out a lot and I really appreciate it.

4. Posted by Chris78 (First Time Poster 1 posts) 10y

I come from Moss myself. Are you going to study at the American College in Moss? To be honest it's not the center of the world and the town itself isn't too pretty. On the other side I believe it's a great town for anyone interested in outdoor life or just a simple stroll in the forrest. There's plenty of beautiful nature around Moss, especially on the island called Jeløya (part of Moss, connected by a bridge). Moss is great during the summer time because of all the beaches, you can find your own beach even at the peak of the bathing season if you look around long enough. My brother studied in North Dakota, you guys got harsh winthers I heard! It's not nearly as cold in Moss. Usually in the winter time you're looking at teperatures around +5 C to -5 or maybe -10. -20 C would be rare and everybody would complain then!

For the prices in Norway, this is expensive: Drinking and eating at restaurants, bars, pubs etc is extortingly expensive if you're American! A pint (or 50 cl) of beer in Moss at a bar costs ca. 50 NOK which equals to 7.75 USD! A nice dinner at a restaurant cost from 250 NOK (39 USD). Also gas is expensive (1,50 to 1,70 USD pr. litre) and groceries at supermarkets will cost like twice as much compared to the US (as far as I can remember when being in the US). In general everything that's funny to do or is considered to be a pleasure is expensive in Norway; smoking, drinking, eating and driving! This is due to heavy taxes on especially alcohol and tobacco. Taking the bus in Moss on a single trip would cost you 3,50 bucks as far as I remember. In Moss public transport is not that good due to the size of the town, you actually be better of buying a bike (not too expensive) or just walking. Distances are not that bad. What I find to be reasonably priced in Norway (compared to other countried) would be clothing and all sorts of electronics and computers (it will still be cheaper in the US).

Hope this helps!

5. Posted by BillyPyro (Budding Member 22 posts) 10y

Quoting rweb

In the west you always have Geiranger fjord... it's a tourist trap, but very scenic.

I am planning on visiting Norway next year and the Geiranger fjord was planned as something i wanted to do. What do you mean by 'tourist trap'? :(

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6. Posted by pigdog (Budding Member 5 posts) 10y

yup, Norway is certainly not cheap but what a country!!

You will have a great time, out of all the places I have been travelled in the world Norway ranks right up there in my top 2 or 3...

infact I am thinking of going back there for a few days between christmas and new year...if you can save up and try and spend a few days in a cabin on the fjords.

good luck

7. Posted by rweb (Budding Member 16 posts) 10y

Quoting BillyPyro

I am planning on visiting Norway next year and the Geiranger fjord was planned as something i wanted to do. What do you mean by 'tourist trap'? :(

Uhm... no need for a sad face, ;) I meant nothing very bad really... just be prepared to be find lots of cheap souvenirs, and crowds of American, German and Japanese tourists... cruise ships coming in making the place even more crowded... overpriced hotel. (don't know about the camping site though)
But very, very beautiful, well worth a visit. :)

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8. Posted by js_2005 (Budding Member 18 posts) 10y

Hey Chris, thanks for the info. I'm studying at the American College of Norway and if you have any information on the college or advice I would really be grateful. I'm going in early January so it's coming up soon and I'm trying to prepare myself.