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Amsterdam-First time traveling.

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1. Posted by Coverdale (Budding Member 3 posts) 10y

You know how when your younger,you and/or your friends always say,"Lets go on a road trip."But it never happens....Well,Ill do you one better.Me and my friend/brother are going to Amsterdam.Not sure the exact date of our "Trip" But were going to try to skydive over Amsterdam Im not too sure whats going to happen when we get there but we will see.Im hoping for the best,Amsterdam Is a beautiful place,And It would be nice to be able to take in as much as it has to offer.And though the "Soft drug" policy is different in the Netherlands.Thats not all were going for,though its a plus.If anyone has any info they think would be of use to me please feel free to fill me in.Thank you.


2. Posted by Clanger (Respected Member 202 posts) 10y

Do your sightseeing, before you get lured into the bars...otherwise you'll get sooo stoned you'll be a zombie and miss out on everything else!

Enjoy it...I love the 'Dam.

3. Posted by masterblaster19 (Full Member 119 posts) 10y

you lucky thing you will have an amazing time, i have visited countless times and actually never left for 3 months one time!
Catch the van gogh museum, and just spend the rest of your time chilling out and soaking up the amazing atmosphere and scenery. rent a bike and explore the backstreets, a canal cruise can also be worthwhile. Take the train out of the city to haarlem, its a nice city to wander around and the weed is a lot cheaper!

4. Posted by BSNomad (Budding Member 10 posts) 10y

I would like to second jennygro and say don't miss the Van Gogh. The museums there are extremely crowded and the biggest one (name escaping me) is under construction. Go at an off time and be sure to get the audio tour.

Be sure to have pankokken or porfitjes (pancakes of different shapes) and don't miss the Ann Frank House.


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5. Posted by Coverdale (Budding Member 3 posts) 10y

I extremely appreciate the information.I'll be sure to check out the Van Gogh.From the pictures on the nunomad site,It looks absolutely beautiful.Thank you for the links.And the info also :D I'll be sure to keep updating this post as to tell how the trip goes....If I make it back to the U.S...heh.

6. Posted by Coverdale (Budding Member 3 posts) 10y

What about the currency in the netherlands in comparison to American currency?

7. Posted by dbchase53 (Full Member 88 posts) 10y

Jennygro pm'd you in response to your question, Andy