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1. Posted by kb7678 (Budding Member 40 posts) 10y

I have an Apple mini and am having numerous problems with it so would like to replace with something …still leaning towards Apple though. Im going travelling in March and for the long train and bus journeys I cant be with out my music …Was wondering what everyone else takes travelling with them to listen to there music…The good and bad points of them would be helpful ;)


2. Posted by Gelli (Travel Guru 2457 posts) 10y

I swear by my Creative Zen Micro. It's a 40gb version. It's HDD which means i can also store docs etc and photos, although it means i can't jog with it as bumps can affect it. I've had it over 18months, used constantly, and the battery life is still about 28hours. It's been dropped, bounced, through 2 typhoons, thrown about etc, crapped on etc and very few problems.

Down sides - the Creative software mine came with isn't plug and play for PCs (although you can download a version that is), meaning you have to install the software on each PC if you want to add/remove music. Having said that, with 40gb space, that's not a huge issue... and It does occassionally freeze (keep a paper clip/saefty pin handy in case). But i'm more than happy with mine.

3. Posted by Jase007 (Travel Guru 8870 posts) 10y

I've got a sony 20Gb, i've had it for about A YEAR NOW AND IT'S MANAGED TO SURVIVE EVERYTHING I'VE THROWN AT IT.
It's plug & play and supports most formats, charges from mains and usb with a good menu system and 30hr+ battery life and can be used as an external hard drive.
Downside - it's not the lightest and you can't read the screen in bright light.
Looking at the latest reviews the new scandisk Sansa is getting good write ups.
I'm not an Ipod fan (you might be able to tell)as they don't have the best battery life and don't support enough formats.

4. Posted by summer910 (Respected Member 1342 posts) 10y

Quoting Jase007

Looking at the latest reviews the new scandisk Sansa is getting good write ups.

I'm also looking at the Sansa. Tested out the 6gb version (the store didn't have the 8gb yet) and so far the sound is good, the menu/buttons are pretty cool (takes a while to get used to navigation because I kept getting the song cut off). Though I don't think it can zoom in on photos, but that's a small thing.

The Samsung mp3s are pretty decent too, if you like the touchpad navigation.

I'm not an Ipod fan either.

5. Posted by Block (Budding Member 20 posts) 10y

I have a Philips GoGear 30GB. It looks really cool and is easy to use but it "froze" about 2 weeks after buying it so had to get it replaced. Now i'm in new zealand and its done it again!!! Wouldn't recommend it to anyone.