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Travel Forums Travel Gear AM I BACKPACK DREAMING?

1. Posted by JAY_H (Full Member 69 posts) 10y

Buying this backpack is really doing my head in now!
If i tell you what i want would you be able to tell me if it exhists or not?

Right here goes....
Im looking for a 60L womans backpack to travel SEA & India for a year ie no climing or anything that might break a leg! I want to be able to lock the damn thing and i dont want it to have a day pack thing attached.

I have just baught the Osprey Atms 60 which is perfect but you cant lock it as it has a pull string top so ill have to take it back.

Am i dreaming?? In my opinion one of the most important features to have on a backpack is a means of locking it.
If you know of a backpack that is like my description PLEASE would you tell me what it is as its a nightmare!!!

OR if you think most people go travelling without locking there bags and it really isnt that important please let me know... i could be worrying over nothing

Sorry to be a pain but thanks for any info

2. Posted by Drewster (Inactive 24 posts) 10y

Personally, i think you're worrying about it too much. There are thoundsands of travellers out there without locking rucksacks and to be perfectly honest, if someone really wants to get into your bag - they're gonna!!! All it takes is 2 seconds with a stanley knife.

The most simple way to keep your valuables safe are:
a) don't take any! (or at least as few as possible)
b) those that you do take, try to keep with you at all times
c) work together with a group of you (people you trust!) to ensure you stuff is never left unattended

If you worry about it too much it's gonna spoil the whole experience, so just being sensible is the best advice!:)

3. Posted by angela_ (Respected Member 1732 posts) 10y

My backpack doesn't have a lock on it and I have had no trouble with it. But if you think you would feel safer with a lock you might want to get one of those wire-net locking things. (Can't for the life of me remember what they are called)

4. Posted by Jeelan (Budding Member 5 posts) 10y


try travel packs with harnesses built into them rather than dedicated backpacks. make some really nice ones. They have locking zippers but also have full backpacking harnesses (that you can zip away when you dont want to use it that way).


5. Posted by greg061282 (Budding Member 9 posts) 10y


I am off travelling for the first time and have similar concerns about having stuff planted in my backpack at airports etc, i noticed on nomads travel they have something call a sacbag 22 or. it is a strong nylon cover that goes over your backpack.

Admittedly if someone wants something they will just cut through the bag, but at least when it comes out at the airport you can whether or not it has been tampered with.

Does anyone think these are a worthwhile investment?

I have heard the pacsafe - but i have been told they're really heavy and about £60.

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6. Posted by mudman (Budding Member 4 posts) 10y

Why do you need a lock?
Usually, if someone is after your belongings he or she would take the whole lot anyway. So, in my opinion a lock wouldn't make a lot of a difference.

Good luck on your trip and also have a safe one too.


7. Posted by mikeym (Budding Member 11 posts) 10y

In the US, packs which close with a zipper are called "panel-loading". In almost all panel-loading packs, the main compartment's zipper will have 2 zipper tabs, which you can lock together with a little luggage lock. The hard part is finding a panel-loading pack that you like, since there is much more selection in top-loading packs, especially in large sizes. I use an REI Lookout pack for traveling, which is essentially a large daypack.

8. Posted by Budai (Respected Member 506 posts) 10y

Why do you need a lock?
Usually, if someone is after your belongings he or she would take the whole lot anyway. So, in my opinion a lock wouldn't make a lot of a difference.

Amen. i had this friend who invested like 40 pounds on the pacsafe net thingy and they just took off with the whole pack... in my humble opinion i think locking it with a big flashy padlock or with the pacsafe paradoxically makes ur stuff more enticing and atrractive, like a locked up treasure chest...

What I did in SEA was camouflaging my daypack (cos im Asian - chinese to be precise) with a gunny sack or rice sack and blended in with the crowd, esp on those long train rides... Anyone with Asian heritage/looks can probably pull this off in SEA, just claim to be ethnic minority... I saved quite a bit on foreigner prices and tickets, which were like USD 10 in Myanmar this way...