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1. Posted by jjay (Budding Member 217 posts) 10y

I'm going to Florida..St.Petersburg on 2nd Nov for a month, does anyone know if it is cheaper to buy a sim card for my mobile here or in the USA??


2. Posted by Jase007 (Travel Guru 8870 posts) 10y

It'll depend on a couple of things:
1 - if you have a phone now, what type of contract is it on?
2 - how long are you going for?
3 - i presume you have a phone now, is it compatible with the US networks?
4 - How are you intending on using the phone?

These will help to decide what you require for your trip.


3. Posted by jjay (Budding Member 217 posts) 10y

Hi Jase,

I am going for a month.
I have two phones one is a Motorola V525 quad band, the other a Sharp GX25 tri-band both I know will work in the US, I used the quad band last november with my own sim but it cost me a fortune as I'm on PAYGO no contract with Vodafone.
I will be using it for calls and txt back to the UK and locally (US) to other mobiles.
I think 0044 do a sim card for 34.95 but I was wondering if I could do it cheaper in the US.

Thanks Jase