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1st night accomdations in bangkok

Travel Forums Asia 1st night accomdations in bangkok

1. Posted by kramer2be (Budding Member 42 posts) 10y

i fly into bangkok in mid november. i land at 11pm and i guess i wont leave the airport until about 12pm.

Are there still busses/taxis around at that time.

I was thinking about getting a hotel for a night so i can get airport service to the hotel and then find a place the next day. But i dont have enough money for a hotel.

Can anyone suggest a cheap place to stay in Khoa San Road.

How much should a taxi fair cost from the new airport to Khoa san road?


2. Posted by tidyboyo (Budding Member 41 posts) 10y

Hi James,

When I flew out of Bangkok last it was a 2am flight and there were still loads of taxis and buses around at that time. There's an information point at the front of the arrivals gate as well with info on which bus to take. Bus is easy to take as well (although there are 4 different routes and frustratingly the other 3 routes seem much morefrequent than the one you are waiting for!). I think the cost was 100 baht but can't remember. That was for the old airport as well not Suvarnabhumi.

As for accomodation, the KS Guesthouse is cheap and fun to stay at, I think I got a double room for 250 bahts in late july, but obv this will be more as you are closer to peak season. Nothing fancy but close to Khao San Road, park, and grand palace etc.

Link for KS below.

Hope this helps


3. Posted by kramer2be (Budding Member 42 posts) 10y

thanks heaps.
i'm much more confident that i'll catch the bus and i'm thinking about staying at KS.
Do you know where the nearest bus stop is? Is KS hard to find?

4. Posted by tidyboyo (Budding Member 41 posts) 10y

It used to (and I should imagine the new service will as well) stop very close to Khao San Road and most people will get off here so should be easy to spot. To find the KS follow the road you get off, and walk up to the big cross roads (Kho San Road and the police staion should be on your right (if your are walking in the right direction!)). At the cross roads turn left and cross the road, KS is next to the bank. Really easy to find once you get your bearings.

5. Posted by Mel. (Travel Guru 4567 posts) 10y

Hello Jrozorio

U can book budget accomodation, on Khao San Rd., with the following link.

There is a new airport, opened in Bangkok, and i am unsure if they have much public transport, to the city yet. At the old airport, the shuttle busses to the city used to run, until 12.30PM.

I will look up the taxi price, for u and post it here.


6. Posted by Mel. (Travel Guru 4567 posts) 10y

Here is the information i got from somebody, who recently arrived in Bangkok, via the new airport, about taxi prices from airport, to Khao San Road.

Hi Mel, there was no problem with the airport, when you get here dont get a taxi from upstairs (which is where you leave) stay in the airport and go downstairs to get a meter taxi it cost me 340baht + 50baht for the toll road, this got me to koah san road, let me know if you want any other information

7. Posted by kramer2be (Budding Member 42 posts) 10y

thanks heaps mel. Your a champ!
If i cant get a bus then i'll take a cab.

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