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Where should I buy my camera???

Travel Forums Travel Photography Where should I buy my camera???

1. Posted by jax_07 (Full Member 76 posts) 10y

Hey Everyone

I want to buy a new digital camera and I was wondering the place place to do so? I'm in Australia now but I go to Canada in a few weeks. Where would be cheapest???

Also, are there any makes or models you suggest? I obviously want a good camera. I take ALOT of pictures and work with them on the computer a lot too.

Any help and/or advice is greatly appreciated.

Many Thanks



2. Posted by aprilsgal (Full Member 161 posts) 10y

Hi jax

Not sure about the cheapest place- but i guess uk is relatively expensive.

Are you looking for an SLR or a regular digi???

I beleiev in canon and i own the SD 300 - i think the latest in this series is SD700 .... and i must tell u this one takes one helluva pics ... ( i have got enough compliments to support this :) )

But , i think u shd do your research - what suits some one else might not suit u....

the things i found i really liked about my cam - big lcd , so u can actually better check the pic u took, i like its 'stitch assist' option ( for panaroma fotos) , its compact size , and quality of pics !!! what i miss is a 12x optical zoom...ive been lookin at the S3 is too - its quite nice

u can look up http:\\

i loved this website for my research ...hope this helps :)

3. Posted by jax_07 (Full Member 76 posts) 10y

Hi aprilsgal

Thanks so much for your help. I'll certainly do some research.


4. Posted by jax_07 (Full Member 76 posts) 10y

Hi again

Just a quick question - which is better SLR or regular?



5. Posted by aprilsgal (Full Member 161 posts) 10y

that also depends... there is a lot of hype about the SLR - as that is for professional photography and comes with very high quality lens.

If you are looking at amateuyr photography, a point- and shoot or an EVF (S3 IS) is better!

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6. Posted by jax_07 (Full Member 76 posts) 10y

Hi aprilsgal

I've had a look over the internet (that website you gave me was fab - thank you) and I think I might go for a Canon Powershot. There are a few different models but, which one I choose will probably depend on cost as much as anything else .

I really appreciate your help with this.

Happy travels


7. Posted by masterblaster19 (Full Member 119 posts) 10y

Hi, I have heard you can buy very cheap electronic equipment in bangkok (i.e ipod etc.) does the same go for cameras? i would like to buy my boyfriend a camera, i dont know much about cameras. but would like to get him a digital one with a fairly big lens (does that sound really stupid to camera boffins??!) would it be easy to pick up a relatively inexpensive good quality camera in SE asia? or has anyone had experience of doing this?

8. Posted by roteague (Budding Member 46 posts) 10y

Buy the camera at home, at least two weeks before you leave. What kind depends upon your likes/dislikes. Do you want to shoot film (which is still very viable) or digital? If your needs are only for family and friends, then I would suggest a small P&S digital (with zoom lens).