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Finland end of November. Help please

Travel Forums Europe Finland end of November. Help please

1. Posted by bozmech (First Time Poster 1 posts) 10y

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Greetings Everyone.

My friend and i are travelling to Tampere around 25th Novemeber.
We have a very tight budget and would like to know the best places to stay (cheapest) and where would you recommend going from Tampere ?
North or South?

I`d like to see the Northern Lights is it the wrong time of year?

Also is it worth hiring a car for a week?
We are travelling from the UK
Many thanks

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2. Posted by miqqo (Budding Member 9 posts) 10y

Moi ("Hi"),

if you are lucky you'll get plenty of snow and a sunny but punchy (cold) and crisp sunshine period. If not, slush and rain in a dark town. Prepare for both. Leather shoes dont like slush.

I dont know about budget hotels in tampere but try google with "tampere retkeilymaja". Retkeilymaja=youth hostel.

Around Tampere you can find several sights, maybe good for a couple of days. Near Jyväskylä (north) there's Himos, the biggest skiing resort in southern Finland. Local sights include Helvetinjärvi National Park in Ruovesi, Visavuori artist home mansion in Valkeakoski (or Toijala, south), Hämeenlinna medieval castle (south). I'm not a local so I don't know more. But Tampere has got things in itself, especially bars. It's a "big" town with a countryside feeling and look (check out peoples outfits...).

Renting a car is expensive in Finland but unfortunately so are trains and buses. Depends on how many you are if car rent is worth the money. Take it only if you are four people who insist driving extensively out of towns and away from public transport connections.

The season is just ok for auroras. But one week is a short time to spot auroras that south. First you need clear skies and probably no moonlight. Then you need the auroras. I would say to have both is less than 10% in Tampere even if you wathced for them every night. They usually show up around midnight.
At the arctic circle latitudes you could expect some auroras maybe up to 50% per night with clear sky during normal aurora activity period.


3. Posted by miqqo (Budding Member 9 posts) 10y

good links for public transport:

4. Posted by Saikku (Budding Member 2 posts) 10y

Hi from Tampere!

The cheapest way of staying in Tampere is Omena hotel. Check out the internet site: It's only 55 €/night/room and is situated in the main street of the city. You should book the room quickly, because the hotel is very popular!

If you want to know more about my situ and where to go here see the site of the city:

Hope you have a plesent trip.


5. Posted by Tory-Vic (Budding Member 87 posts) 10y

Look what have I found:
I am not sure what are the prices like now, but you could check it:)
Have a nice trip,

6. Posted by Tory-Vic (Budding Member 87 posts) 10y

And few more:)
I hope you can find something nice for you:)
Best regads,

7. Posted by Tory-Vic (Budding Member 87 posts) 10y

And here is a place in case you drive through Finland:

:) Tory.

8. Posted by Rispekti (Budding Member 2 posts) 10y

It might be a little bit early for "Northern Lights". Anyway if u drive to northern Finland your chances of seeing them are quite good. Usually the weather can be quite poor during that time of year in the southern Finland, so i'd myself prefer North!