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WHV to Canada for Germans

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1. Posted by karolin155 (Budding Member 60 posts) 10y

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Hey everybody!
A friend of mine is planning on going to Canada for six months next year. I know that you can get a WHV to Canada as a German but where and how do you apply for that? Would you recommend a organisation to go with or is it possible to do everything by yourself? And what else than the visa do you need to work in Canada?
I am looking forward to your help!
Thanks guys.

2. Posted by mojorob (Moderator 1047 posts) 10y

Does the DKG website help? Sorry, I can't speak German so I can't confirm if this helps - I got their details from the SWAP website.

3. Posted by karolin155 (Budding Member 60 posts) 10y

Thanks for the fast reply but it didn´t help really. The DKG is a German-Canadian-Association which doesn´t do WHV and SWAP is only for students or young people just doing an apprenticeship. But my friend won´t be a student next year. So no use of that... Any other suggestions?

4. Posted by AnaBrown (Budding Member 11 posts) 10y

Where in Canada will you be going? Any spcific destination? If none yet and you need some guided tour, check out Caravan's website.

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5. Posted by GregW (Travel Guru 2635 posts) 10y

From Canadian Embassy in Germany: Working Holiday Program

We regret that the program for 2006 is full. No further spots available !

Applications for the program 2007 can be sent to us the earliest as of December 1, 2006.

Who can apply? German citizens (18 - 35 years of age)

No visa fees

How long?
Maximum duration of work permit: twelve months

Conditions? No offer of employment is required ("open" program). No previous participation in the Working Holiday Program ("once in a lifetime").

Permits are issued strictly on a first-come, first-served basis. Only a limited number of permits are available each year. Applications should be be submitted to the Berlin Immigration Section by regular mail only . The following documents have to be submitted with the application:

  • completed form IMM1295, indicating that you wish to apply under the Working Holiday Program for Germany

  • 2 passport photographs

  • passport copy (page with personal data and passport validity only)

  • declaration on sufficient funds and health insurance

  • original police certificate (polizeiliches Führungszeugnis)

  • stamped, self-addressed return envelope (standard letter)

If you want to apply for a work permit under the Working Holiday Program, your passport should be valid at least until the end of 2007. Please note, if your passport has an earlier expiry date, you might not be able to stay in Canada for the full 12 months program. Your work permit will not be valid longer than your passport.

Important! Please apply for your work permit with a copy of the passport you intend to travel to Canada with.

You might also want to check out the Young Workers Exchange Program, if you can get a job in Canada in your field of study or degree program. It's on the same page as mentioned above.

6. Posted by steff (Travel Guru 1160 posts) 10y

Thanks Greg, that's great news you can apply until the age of 35. Still lots of time for me then ;).
Wonder why Canada allows people up to that age as I know from almost all other countries with the WHV that you can only apply until you're 30.
To karolin155, I wouldn't bother applying through an organization, as they are usually expensive and it is really easy to go through the process by yourself. Your friend just needs to make sure she applies early and she should be able to get the visa. I had no problems obtaining my WHV for New Zealand for example.

7. Posted by karolin155 (Budding Member 60 posts) 10y

Thanks guys, that´s a lot of news.
But I am still worried about my friend who has never been abroad for that long.
Will it be easy to get a tax number and to open a bank account by himself?
Should he get a membership for hostels (like the BBH in NZ)?
Which city is great to start with to get organized in Canada?
Any good backpackers for the first nights over there?
How will be the public transport?
And which travel guide can you recommend?
Any other important things that I couldn´t think of right now?

I know, these are a lot of questions, but I am quite busy at the moment and promised him to get information for him.

Hope to hear from you soon.

8. Posted by GregW (Travel Guru 2635 posts) 10y

Lots of questions!

Will it be easy to get a tax number and to open a bank account by himself?

Tax number shouldn't be a problem. For a bank account, you usually need an address. Not sure if you can use a hostel address. Perhaps some of the others who have migrated to Canada on WHV can help.

Should he get a membership for hostels (like the BBH in NZ)?

Maybe look at the HI. They have lots of hostels across the country. Your friend can probably still get a decent deals in hostels without the membership, though.

Which city is great to start with to get organized in Canada?

Coming from Germany, Toronto or Montreal would seem to be the best starting points. I'm guessing there are more flights from Germany into Toronto.

Either Toronto or Montreal would offer lots of job opportunities (assuming typical WHV jobs - bartending, waiting, etc.).

Any good backpackers for the first nights over there?

Depends where they come into. There's the HI hostels. In Toronto, I have heard good things about the Global Backpackers and the hostel in Kensington Market.

How will be the public transport?

In the big cities, okay. Between cities, it'll seem a lot more basic than Europe. Other than the Windsor-Toronto-Montreal-Quebec City corridor, options are pretty limited. Travelling from Toronto out west, say, either requires a REALLY long bus ride, a REALLY long train ride or a flight.

9. Posted by Petra M (Budding Member 65 posts) 10y

Or, you could think about heading out west to the Pacific Coast, like Vancouver or Victoria in British Columbia. The job market here is pretty good - and now that we are approaching winter the ski season is just beginning. The North Shore Mountains in North Vancouver have 3 ski resorts and they are always looking for help, and a lot of employees are from overseas.

Here are a few good website to look at for other options besides the WHV: and

Good luck!

Petra M, Vancouver BC Canada