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Insert Image into Blog load time

Travel Forums System Talk Insert Image into Blog load time

1. Posted by phileas (Respected Member 67 posts) 10y


I notice a problem with the load time for the insert image function in the blog editor.

This worked great for me to begin with however as I have continued to upload images the load time has slowed such that it is now unusable.

I would guess as this is a single page lookup, then there will be an upper limit reached when the page will timeout.

Can you have a look at paginating (breaking up the photos) or changing so that it loads only the first X (10 ??) photos.

I can get around it by inserting the image url but would be an improvement.

Thanks very much!


2. Posted by Peter (Admin 5790 posts) 10y

Strange, it processes for me in less than 100 ms. I have just over 300 photos in my gallery, not much different to yours.

Have you experienced this problem recently? We made a serious fix to our database connection last week. My only guess is that this slowness was experienced before then. If not, we'll need to find out what is causing the problem for you. The number of photos shouldn't be a real issue at this stage.

3. Posted by phileas (Respected Member 67 posts) 9y

excellent! I've just tested it and it loads just fine. Thanks very much Peter!

4. Posted by Peter (Admin 5790 posts) 9y

Great, glad to hear it :)