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Price of Drinking?

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1. Posted by jess_capri (Budding Member, 53 posts) 1 Nov '06 20:15

This might be a bid of an odd question but its something i hope you guys can answer for me. How much is the cost of your average beer/glass of wine or spirit drink in europe?

I am leaving for four months in Europe in 10 days time and still dont know how much i should be budgeting for alcohol. I'm not a massively big drinker and definatley wont be drinking every day but i still dont mind a glass of wine or two.

If anyone can tell me how much a glass of wine or beer costs in different countries it would be greatly appreciated

Jess ;)

2. Posted by Rraven (Travel Guru, 5924 posts) 1 Nov '06 23:13

Pint in Dublin anywhere between €3 - 6, depends on the pub

outside dublin can go as low as €1.90 in club houses.....

wine - that really varies and the type of wine and venue but the safest gage in Ireland would be to budget €4-5 per drink

a few weeks in rome a pint in a pub was costing €5 but if you went to a cafe it was between €1.50-€6....

it pays to look around......

3. Posted by steff (Travel Guru, 1158 posts) 2 Nov '06 05:00

As far as Germany it also depends on what bars you go to.
In the bigger cities, in fancy bars expect to pay between 3-5 € for a beer (bottles are generally more expensive),a decent glass of wine starts at around 4 €.
Cocktails and spirits, unless it is happy-hour you will get for no less then 5 €.
This said, I agree with Rraven to look around and either go for happy hours or less fancy pubs. Have fun!

4. Posted by bentivogli (Travel Guru, 2398 posts) 2 Nov '06 05:19

Amsterdam's most expensive in Holland (as you probably won't be going to the seaside), everywhere else is cheaper:

beer: approx. €2,75 - €4,- for 0,30ltr
wine: approx. €3,50 - €5,- per glas
cocktails: through the roof, count on at least €9,- for a simple screwdriver
whiskeys/other destilled: dito

Drinks in clubs will be more expensive; same for touristy spots like Leidseplein, where pubs generally serve REALLY lousy wine.

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5. Posted by Jase007 (Travel Guru, 8868 posts) 2 Nov '06 05:46

In the UK is varies from £2.00 up to £3.50p per pint.
Norway is about 50nok per beer.
Germany €6,50 to €3,00 depending on the size and type.

6. Posted by james (Travel Guru, 4124 posts) 2 Nov '06 13:34

Your average Sydney pub charges about $3.50 for a glass of beer of 425 ml.

This can rise substantially depending on the pub, and bottled beer (375ml) may be about $5.00

No idea for spirits, but I'd assume that they are quite expensive.

Sorry - forgot that this was referring to prices in Europe

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7. Posted by jess_capri (Budding Member, 53 posts) 2 Nov '06 19:15

Thanks guys - i was on the right track with prices so now all i have to do is wait 9 days til i'm over there:)