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1. Posted by nicolson (Budding Member 42 posts) 10y

Been to Bangkok a couple of times and will be going again, anyone can give me recommendations of a tailor shop that makes suits that last, not one of those cheap ones. Actual good ones that will make it worth the money I pay. I have a couple here that seem to be well recommended:

- Crown Tailors
- Rajawongse
- Rajahs

If anyone has used any of the above, please let me know, im wanting to try them out, but need some opinions first. Thanks!

2. Posted by oslaue (Full Member 571 posts) 10y

this was posted a while back! id be interested to know if anyone knows of BRILLIANT tailors in thailand or thailand i am willing to travel anywhere and willing to pay the price for a good quality suit.

in vietnam id have to purchase the suit either in hanoi / saigon!

any ideas?


3. Posted by gwelty (Full Member 83 posts) 10y

Same goes for me. I will be in Thailand, then Vietnam & would love it if someone could recommend a good tailor. Plus, could someone estimate the ballpark cost of a high quality suit (worsted or hi twist, single breasted)? Thanks

4. Posted by nicolson (Budding Member 42 posts) 10y

Hi there. Never thought I'd see this post again after so long. I had the same problem you guys are having. I finally did end up going to all three shops. Rajawongse - i cant say anything about cuz they were too busy and i wasn't patient enough to wait. Raja's (as i found out its not Rajah's!) in soi 4 weren't bad, but didnt' have enough fabric variety for me. So hopped along and got my clothes from Crown in soi 8. Had greater variety and now got 4 different suits to choose from for work and many many shirts! Each of my suit came down to about 8000 or 8500 baht i think as far as i remember. If you use crowns, send mr. sam my regards.
Nicolson (mention the BIG guy)

5. Posted by gwelty (Full Member 83 posts) 10y

Thanks nicolson. That was very helpful. I will send your regards to Mr. Sam. What were the rough costs for the shirts you purchased?

6. Posted by Seany (Respected Member 268 posts) 10y

If you wana suit, go to James Fashion, 439/1 Sukhothai Rd, Bangkok, Tel: 668 29935.
There suits are exellent and the store is lovley. Iv had many suits and shirts made by them, and order new ones from them from London.
You pay £100 each, which is a bargin!!

Highly recomended


7. Posted by gwelty (Full Member 83 posts) 10y


Yes, that is a great deal for suits. Can you tell me what type of fabric (and other details) your suit was made from? How about your shirts? Was your suit quality middle of the road, top of the tops, or something else? I'd like to get extremely high quality suits, but for the most reasonable price. Thanks!

8. Posted by roni1 (Budding Member 32 posts) 10y

Hey there
I got loads of stuff made in Hoi an in Vietnam. I got an amazing suit and little black dress made in a place called Yaleys. If you google them im sure it will come up. They are a little more expensive than all the other hundreds of shops but the quality of work and fabric was excellent. I got a suit made for about US$70 and my dress cost $50 but as i have an awkward figure it was money well spent.

Hope this helps


9. Posted by nicolson (Budding Member 42 posts) 10y

My shirts were about 900 baht i think roughly cuz I bought quite a bit.

About the suits, my suits were the top quality that they had to offer. They had slightly cheaper suits at around 6000 i think in what you probably call "the middle range", but for another 2000 more, I decided for the top of the tops quality!

10. Posted by gwelty (Full Member 83 posts) 10y

I have another question: How many days does it take on average to have a suit or two tailored?