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1. Posted by aprilsgal (Full Member 161 posts) 10y

Has anyone applied for this visa?? Are we allowed to take full time employment using this visa. how long does it take for processing and what are the chances of getting it?

2. Posted by jindy (Budding Member 46 posts) 10y

I don't know...where are you from, how old are you etc. I know if you are an Australian between 18 and 35 you will get a 2 year working visa no worries, as long as you fulfill all the requirements.

Best thing to do is do a google search for UK embassies and email them all with your circumstances and questions. Atleast one will get back to within a couple of days.

3. Posted by mim (Travel Guru 1276 posts) 10y

Please see This thread


4. Posted by aprilsgal (Full Member 161 posts) 10y

hey mim

Thanks for that thread. A very long one at that - ut a lot of the posts were quite old. So if anyone can put up with my second round of qns and answer me - i'd be really grateful.

1. The website implies that I can do 'professional work' too.. has anyone been sucessfully able to come and find such employment opportunities. I dont think I would really be interested in work other than in my own line.

2. I spoke to the embassy here in Chennai - and the lady said it takes 5 months to process it - any idea why? or am i Mistaken.

3. Also - this visa is for 2 years right? So 2 years from date of issue or 2 years from when i land into uk??

Thanks guys!