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Site explaining dietry requirement information based on age,

Travel Forums North America Site explaining dietry requirement information based on age,

1. Posted by sandy456 (Full Member 213 posts) 10y

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Site explaining dietry requirement information based on age, weight, height and gender

I'm in need of important "dietry requirement" information for 3 of my ailing family members

1) The first is a 13 year old female (hard working student) who is close to annorexia (weight - 79lbs/35kg; height 150cm) . Her mother has asked me to search the internet to find out which vitamins, and minerals she needs (and how much of each), specfically which foods to help maintain a skinny physique - which the little 13 year old adores so much - as they live in California - and you know how it is there. Also, I need to find the number of calories she needs per day to maintain a healthy mind and body.

So, I would be thankful if anyone here could post a few links online that show dietry information based on age, height, weight and gender. I had a tough time finding a user-friendly page displaying that information.

With that, I can also find the dietry requirements for the other 2 members of my family.


2. Posted by pfeiffer (Full Member 211 posts) 10y

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3. Posted by RJ Mc (Inactive 33 posts) 10y

There are many web sites (too many) regarding dieting and nutrition, from to Start reading and you will find good information. (Be careful, you will also find sites that want to sell you supplements and such.) Counseling may be necessary for someone who has an unrealistic body image. Anorexia is a dangerous condition. Good luck! - Rebecca