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Trekking companies in Nepal

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1. Posted by kevstump (Full Member 123 posts) 10y

Hey all,
I am going to be in Nepal in March and was hoping to do Everest base camp ad also a trek in the annapurna range. I have quite a small budget and was shocked to see some of the prices they are charging for these trips on the internet. Does anyone know how easy it is to arrange these trips once in Kathmandu? How much do they cost (the cheaper the better)? and is it possible to organise it on your own? Also, what kind of clothing would i need and is it cheap to buy in Nepal?

Thanks in advance,

2. Posted by daveh (Travel Guru 1027 posts) 10y

I can't give you a price for your trek, but they are really easy to organise in Kathmandu, and, if you can join up with some fellow trekkers it will be cheaper. Also, if you carry your own rucksack it will be cheaper too so pack lightly. I seem to recall from my enquiries about trekking Annapurna that it worked out at about $25 US per day, but i think you should listen to others over me on the prices as i'm not 100 per cent.. That was with just a guide and the basics. Clothing wise all your North Face etc is sold pretty cheaply in Kathmandu. They have everything you need for the mountains and much cheaper than you will pay elsewhere, don't forget to drive a hard bargain with them.

3. Posted by kevstump (Full Member 123 posts) 10y

Thanks daveh. You have given me a broad price to budget for. Can anyone recommend a trekking company or guide for the annapurnas or everest base camp?

4. Posted by Nakul (Inactive 2 posts) 10y


It's great pleasure to hear from you again. I think I had left one message for you few days ago and I don't know you read it or not. Well, I am Nakul Devkota from Nepal and working on tourism since 8 years and begin as a porter and now I am tour guide and have one Trekking company in Kathmandu from 2001 A.D

As Mr.Daveh suggest you for trek purpose that I am really impress...because he was right that if you are arranging your trek in Nepal then you have to be serious... well Kevin I can't push you to have any information(about trek) from me because you have lots of options and may people who knows about Nepal very well, but as I am in tourism and been lots of mountain and got many experieces,so I may also give you some ideas if you are interesting,,pls if you have any comfusion and looking for some cheap and best deal then I could be able to offer you suitable price as your wish..or you can e-mail me at [snip] and if you like to check my company site then try to look at
pls let me know once when you read this okay sir?
wish your kind response...
Best Rgds
Nakul Devkota

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5. Posted by kandi1124 (First Time Poster 1 posts) 10y


I was in Kathmandu in Mar 2005. I spoke to 4 travel agents on the first morning I was there (and managed to fight off another 20) and arranged a 20 day trek around Everst/Gokyo region. It worked out at ~US$200 for rtn the flight to Liukla (Standard) and about US$25/day which included tea house & 3 meals. So it was ~US$700. (Other quotes were $700,$1100,$1400) I flew out 2 days after booking the trek. If you have the time, book your treks when you arrive at KTM.


6. Posted by sandaruwan (Budding Member 13 posts) 10y

Hi Kevin,

I was in Kathmandu in Apr 2006. There are plenty of tour operators in an around Kath but your biggest challenge would be to find a reliable one. Some would just abandon you or charge more than what you agreed for or change the agreed itinerary without giving any proper reasons. I had a very bad experience with company called Happy Tours in Kath. Check on the country situation also prior to leaving. Best would be to check with fellow travelers and find a good operator. For trekking normal rate is about $25 a day.

In Kath you will find plenty of shops selling all sorts of branded warm clothing and trekking gear. It’s cheap also. Better buy than bring.


7. Posted by Dem (Full Member 78 posts) 10y

Is it required to be.... let's say trained for trekking in Nepal? I'm not really used to... But I really want to. How does it work?

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8. Posted by Dem (Full Member 78 posts) 10y

Quoting Dem

Is it required to be.... let's say trained for trekking in Nepal? I'm not really used to... But I really want to. How does it work?

Does anybody know any about it?