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Is it smart to see the world with a 20month old

Travel Forums Round the World Travel Is it smart to see the world with a 20month old

1. Posted by lady_utua (Budding Member 2 posts) 10y

Well just am looking for advice. Is it crazy to think me and my boyfriend could sale everything and take are 20 month old on a world trek? Has anyone ealse traveled with a young child? Im looking for any advice personal, books, mags, web sites im trying to convince myself and him that its not crazy. Neither one of us are happy in the rat race and want to break free and really discover what we want. I just dont know if we say heck with it, or wait till the kiddo is older. I guess my main fear is safety for our kid. Ok done blabbing thanks

2. Posted by My Horizon (Budding Member 429 posts) 10y

Hi lady_utua,

I don't know if what I say will make much sense to you, as I don't have a child myself!, but here goes! :)

I stayed with friends of mine who have a child, who is 16 months old now, and wow, i didn't realise having a child was so difficult. (I'm sure you know) They couldn't go anywhere much, cause their child needed to stay in a routine - feed, sleep, feed, play, sleep, feed etc - and if their childs routine was interupted they paid duly by not getting any sleep at night themselves!!! I realise all kids are different so maybe yours is easier when routine is involved?? In my opinion (seeing what my friends went thru) I think you should wait a little while until your child is slightly older. Potty trained, doen't need to have such a strict routine with sleeping etc, walking easier (no need for a pram) So I am not talking until your child is 10 or something! Just 2 more years??

I read your blog, and you say you have 2 or so more years left of studying, so if you still plan to finish studying, I think by then it could be more or less perfect timing. (I think it'll still be difficult travelling with a child wholy dependent on you, but I reckon it can be done!)


3. Posted by lady_utua (Budding Member 2 posts) 10y

thanks for that, ya i know what you mean about the routine. we have decide to do it, but we are going to wait till she is potty trained i think that would make a huge diffrence. Also in a couple years i will be done with school and the kiddo will be walking better. I think 2 years will be good it will give us plenty of time to plan, fix up the house, sale it, and get out of dodge. Ya!!! let the planning commence

4. Posted by My Horizon (Budding Member 429 posts) 10y

Rad! Best of Luck! ;)