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1. Posted by Gerrit_BE (Full Member, 83 posts) 8 Dec '06 13:16

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I am travelling to Norway again soon, this time have to be in Bergen. Because I want to keep the costs low (have some big expenses shortly afterwards) I am keen on flying a low-budget airline, but those only fly to Oslo-Torp (Sandefjord). Does anyone know of a cheap train connection with Bergen or a cheap bus to Bergen? It may be a long drive, I don't care about that (got my iPod to keep busy!) but I prefer to do it as cheap as possible.

2. Posted by Peter (Admin, 5459 posts) 8 Dec '06 16:24

The train from Oslo to Bergen is one of the most spectacular I've been on. When we went on it a couple of years ago there were some specials on, so we got it pretty cheap (for Norway :)). Check the NSB website to find out prices and see if there are any specials.

3. Posted by danube (Full Member, 62 posts) 27 Dec '06 02:59

Hi Gerrit,

If You can book relatively early, You may benefit from's 'Minipris' tickets. You can get an Oslo-Bergen ticket for as low as NOK 199! Give it a try ;)

Good luck

4. Posted by Flusher (Budding Member, 41 posts) 27 Dec '06 04:52

Check, this is the cheapest airline company in Norway, they have prices from 200-600 from Bergen to Oslo.

5. Posted by omw (Budding Member, 8 posts) 2 Jan '07 15:28

yes, definetly check out the "Minipris" on
The trainride over the mountains between Oslo and Bergen in truly spectacular. But be sure to book a day train;)