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South East Asia - Alone or with friend??

Travel Forums Asia South East Asia - Alone or with friend??


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21. Posted by makulit (Budding Member 40 posts) 10y

i've never went on a tour alone. Heck I don't even go to a movie theater alone. *embarass laugh*

unless you don't really like the person who's tagging along; wouldn't it be a lot more fun if you go with someone? especially in places where people hardly speak your language. at least if you get lost, there's someone to share the misery/adventure.

22. Posted by catwong (Budding Member 49 posts) 10y

^^ yeah agree..
my first backpacking was a solo trip to thailand. 2006
it's great actually... thailand is cheap enough for me to travel alone.

but sometimes, it's good too to have company to split the share the experience..someone u r familiar with to share the experience.

so if u want solo, focus on cheap places..

this year i'm going to cambodia, from what i see , i think it's kind of expensive trip where USD40 ticket fee for 3 days visiting angkor wat..converting it to my money would be $160.. too much..

so it depends on you..