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1. Posted by AmandaJohn (Budding Member 12 posts) 10y

Has anyone ever picked up and permanently moved to another country or know someone that has? Is it hard to do? What is involved?

2. Posted by Mel. (Travel Guru 4567 posts) 10y

Hello Amandajohn

4 years ago, me, my boyfriend, and our baby picked up and permanently moved from Ireland, to Germany.
It is not very difficult to do.
But it does make life a little more challanging. I had to learn German. We had to find an appartment, and my boyfriend had to find a job, in Germany. I own an appartment in Dublin. That also makes things complicated, because i have to look after it and the tennants, from a foreign country. Also, we want to get married, and that is complicated, for foreigners to do, in Germany.

But all that said, it is worth living in a foreign country. I like that i am learning German, in a German speaking country. And I feel that my mind gets more stimulation with being in a different environment, to the one I grew up in.


3. Posted by bdell555 (Budding Member 2 posts) 10y

Hi Amanda from an Edmontonian:

Your profile says you are Canadian.

I have lived in Sweden for 10 months and am now living in Leipzig, Germany, although have only been here two months now.

In the case of Sweden I was not working and was on a leave of absence from a job in Canada. That meant that I was considered still resident in Canada for tax purposes and becase I had been living in Ontario for the 2 years immediately prior, Ontario Health covered my health insurance for 12 months while overseas. Getting a foreign residency permit is relatively easy if you are a student, and if you are self-supporting or will be living off a partner's capital you probably won't need a permit in practice.

If, however, you move to take a job overseas you will almost always be considered to be emigrating for tax purposes and you will have a deemed disposition of all your capital assets. You will also have to deal with the paperwork of the country you are immigrating to. The most difficult part will be getting the job lined up first. Once that is settled, the paperwork is usually just something of a formality.

4. Posted by pfeiffer (Full Member 211 posts) 10y

Quoting AmandaJohn

Has anyone ever picked up and permanently moved to another country or know someone that has? Is it hard to do? What is involved?

Hi Amanda,

As you can see from the two answers already: easy and hard.

Easier when you are younger and single, I would guess. But a genuine relocation, with new jobs, etc. in a foreign country ranks quite high, IMO, on the list of life's stress-inducements; I would rank it somewhere between having a first baby (though no firsthand experience with this) and divorce or death. Particularly if this involves learning a foreign language and new customs. I would say, don't underestimate the adaption time and effort that is involved.

What is involved? Just the usual: tax consequences, packing house, moving out of the apartment, finding a new apartment, unpacking, finding and/or starting employment, learning a new language, learning a new city, learning new regulations, transfering drivers' licenses, moving children into new schools, saying good-bye to friends and neighbors, finding new friends and neighbors, etc.

So, you see why I rank it pretty high. Consider such a move to be the project in your family and try to not to make any other changes at the same time (not that there is much left). A good marriage, patience, and understanding are also important. And don't overlook the technicalities along the way (permissions, passes, papers, etc.).

Kevin Pfeiffer

5. Posted by oslaue (Full Member 571 posts) 10y

i moved from ireland to scotland and scotland to england, there isnt too much of a culture difference, we like our drink, crap food, football and shit weather!

however working in ireland and scotland is so much more laid back than london is, also its more stressful living in a big and busy city like london compared to dublin.

to be frank its easy! i move to australia in the new year to work and who knows maybe canada after that.

the difficult thing is...if you meet someone you like and if your in another country on a visa then thats a boo boo! when you make lots of good friends and you are saying goodbye to them all then thats a boo boo...

but on a positive note when you go somewhere else you then soon realise that were you come from is actually very nice and you are lucky, or it could be other way around.

in ireland = people very friend london = assholes....not all but a lot. i thought when i lived in london i was in poland, so many polish o and south africans, of course irish but i didnt really meet them.

whats involved? p45 to your new employers, suss the tax system out of the country you are going to, single flight, focus on the one location (city), rent a room out / gaf and make sure you got enough funds. big citys = lots of jobs.

if you regret the move! dont worry, you always just fly home!

i would say though meeting people is the hardest part! everything else is quite easy. just worry about learning language / visa depending were you go.

6. Posted by pfeiffer (Full Member 211 posts) 10y

Quoting oslaue

if you regret the move! dont worry, you always just fly home!

Here is where one must insert "your mileage may vary".

Kevin Pfeiffer

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