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1. Posted by Bean84 (Budding Member 24 posts) 10y

What are the best sites to check out for a one way ticket to australia in june time. I looked at sta travel which is about £500... is that good? I dont understand how stop overs work.. im looking to fly mayb towards brisbane first.
Also what kind of insurnace should i be looking for? Ill be taking an expensive camera and if anything i want to make sure i have that covered..

any help???


2. Posted by Oakey (Budding Member 64 posts) 10y

Hi Gillian,

I'm heading to Oz on a working Holiday visa in feb.. Its my first time travelling, I bought my ticket with STA (flying Quatas)... Got a 12month return with 3 stops for £940... with that you can spend aslong as u want in the stops.. we're stayin in Thailand for 3weeks, bali for a week and tokyo for a few days on the way home...

You may be best lookin at getting a return, you can change the date of the return flight when your over there, plus you get to see a few other places on the way...

Having a return flight may be better as it gives you piece of mind incase you run out of money and need to get home...:)

3. Posted by Bean84 (Budding Member 24 posts) 10y

Ive never travelled before.... how much are you plannig to take with you and do you know how much 'stuff' like clothes and things to take with you? i have been looking at back packs and they are all bigger than me .. haha!

4. Posted by Oakey (Budding Member 64 posts) 10y

I'm in the same boat as you really...
I aint bought a back pack yet, the one I'm lookin on getting is a 70l one from Blacks, about £90, so I'm plannin on taking as much stuff as I can fit in it!, mind you, I'm goin through thailand, so i wanna take me pack half empty, gonna stock up on some cheap clothes an things when I'm there...
Ive found this forum to give me alot of information..
Check out the travel gear section, theres a thread about what people pack, ive went through it and made a list for myself..

Have a look at that..:)


5. Posted by ygkjhg (Inactive 13 posts) 10y

Hi Gillian,

£500 for a one way ticket from UK to Oz is pretty good for that time of year! Flight Centre are usually quite good with cheap flights too.
When getting quotes for prices, make sure you check the stopovers (I wouldn't recommend having any more than one!). Often the flights are cheaper because they have millions of stopovers, or night stays. Stopovers are good to break up the very long flight, but they can get annoying if they are not fairly short (say three to four hours). Also check out what airport you are stopping in too - for instance: Singapore airport is A LOT nicer than Bangkok for example (and it has free internet too!)!

6. Posted by ozman (Full Member 118 posts) 10y

We flew from UK to Oz on Royal Brunei for around 420 GBP each. I was kicking myself as I bought those tickets through a travel agent. After having done this, I checked RB's website and found the same flight for 370GBP!! Whatever you do, have a look at the flight through the actual air carrier before you buy through an agent. This is a 100GBP lesson that you can have for free!

7. Posted by Chix (Full Member 114 posts) 10y

I'd say anything under £500 is very good.

8. Posted by mattcarr87 (Budding Member 19 posts) 10y

That's good. But the prices often don't include tax. My flight going to Sydney via Tokyo from London and then Cairns - Tokyo - London initially cost £400 before tax. With tax it turned out to be £725.

9. Posted by Bean84 (Budding Member 24 posts) 10y

ive now found that a return flight glasgow to brisbane on statravel site is roughly £663... with one stopover in dubai .. which is only for about 9 hours. Thought thia wasnt a bad price!

10. Posted by Bean84 (Budding Member 24 posts) 10y

Ive booked my flight.. the one listed above this post! leave on the 4th june!!!! aaaaahhhh!!