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Travel Around Poland in Winter

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1. Posted by jojojo676 (Inactive 18 posts) 12y

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Im going to be in Poznan City in Poland from September 04 to January 05. After i finish my internship in January, i plan on travelling around Poland, both inside the country as well as in bordering countries. I have a few questions i need answered and would be grateful if you could help me out.

1. Is travelling in Winter (Jan - Feb) feasible given the weather and the cold?

2. Is Poland part of the SCHENGEN group, or will i need a separate visa to travel in Germany and France.

3. Alternatively if i choose to travel in Eastern Europe. i.e. Ukraine and Belarus. how much of a barrier would language be considering id speak only English and a smattering of polish?

4. What kind of budget per day in US $ should i look at if im backpacking around Eastern Europe?



2. Posted by plboy (Budding Member 3 posts) 12y

1. Travelling in Winter. It is not a problem. Just be prepared to have warm clothes (cap covering head, gloves). Temperatures are about -5C but.... some winters can be quite warm (more than 0 C) and sometimes happens -18 C in January. The last winter was really strong till March.
2. Schengen. No, Poland is not in Schengen. You must have valid ID (EU Members) and Passaport (Rest of World).
3. English is quite popular in cities (Warsaw, Cracow, Poznan). Usually you'll speak English in hotels, restaurants, banks etc. Eastern countries are more focussed on russian (Belarus, Ukraine).
4. Budget. 2$ for dinner at McDonald, 3$ in polish bar, 5-10$ in restaurants. Acommodation in Warsaw is 10$ per bed in a hostel Oki Doki or since 50$ per room in IBIS hotel. Drinks $1-2, taxi in Warsaw (Airport-City Centre) 5$, musem ticket 1-2$, coffee at Coffee Shop 1$ espresso and 2$ Latte.

3. Posted by plboy (Budding Member 3 posts) 12y

Visa for Germany or France... I can't answer that question. You must ask each embassy of that. The thing is that they have their own rules and I think you need another visa. Polish visa is valid in Poland only.

4. Posted by jojojo676 (Inactive 18 posts) 12y

thanks for the information