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A spare weekend: Paris OR Frankfurt / Berlin

Travel Forums General Talk A spare weekend: Paris OR Frankfurt / Berlin

1. Posted by Ask (Budding Member 4 posts) 10y


I will be in Frankfurt on Friday evening & I have free time till Sunday evening. Hence, I am planning to visit a few places around.
Would ‘one-day trip to Paris’ be a feasible option?
Or I should spend one day in Frankfurt & one day in Berlin?
Thanks in advance for your guidance.

2. Posted by Mel. (Travel Guru 4567 posts) 10y

Hello Ask

Since it will be the weekend, I would choose Berlin.
There are endless places to go at night, and the public transport runs all night at weekends, so u can stay out, exactly as long as u want.

And why not stay, in Berlin, for New Years Eve. That will be where the fun is, in Germany.


3. Posted by Q' (Travel Guru 1987 posts) 10y

I was in Frankfurt, Berlin and Paris in Sept. Both Berlin or Paris are great cities to visit. It really depends on your personal preference. Berlin is massive! Everything about it is massive !! I found that it had more history than Paris (but that might be because of the places I visited). Paris is beautiful! It has more art than any other city I know. One weekend isn't enough for either city in my opinion. Another consideration is how do you intend to travel ? It's a 4 or 5 hr one way train ride + say 1hr getting to the places you want to go. Don't forget finding a place to stay for the night, etc.

4. Posted by Peter (Admin 5907 posts) 10y

Pick one and spend a couple of days there.. Just spending a day in either of those cities doesn't do them any justice. Even two days is too short.

Personally, I'd pick something closer to Frankfurt though; maybe a couple of days travelling down the Rhine. The scenery is stunning there.

5. Posted by Ask (Budding Member 4 posts) 10y

Thanks to everyone.
As you all pointed out, time may not permit me to visit two cities. So, I have decided to spend my weekend in & around Frankfurt. If there is something around Frankfurt, that I must not miss, please let me know.