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1. Posted by mostrim (Inactive 80 posts) 10y

Planning a trip next September to the US. Am visiting relatives in New York and San Francisco so will be a bit tied into what they I may plan to do with them. I am just wondering if the following would be practical and or economic while in these cities. In New York would love to see the Niagra Falls, an overnight trip perhaps? Everything else I want to see is in the city. From San Francisco thought about a trip to the Grand Canyon, or Yellowstone or both.
At present not sure how long I have, perhaps 21 days, but would these kind of trips be feasible as one or two day side trips. This was how I travelled around Australia/New Zealand in 2005 and I think any first time trip to a country should try to see the most famous tourist attractions(or some of them at least).
Any thoughts? Also, leaving aside the above, any must sees in the neighbourhood of these two cities? Thanks and a Happy New Year to all.

2. Posted by oslaue (Full Member 571 posts) 10y

i got a greyhound bus from new york to toronto, niagra falls was on route to toronto, i think its only an hour from toronto or maybe more.

i too got an over night bus! i tell you this! the journey killed me! 12 hours on a bus! and you have to change at buffalo! which is a nasty place!

when i got to niagra falls stop...i didnt want to get of at nigra falls cos, it meant me sitting around for another another few hours before my next bus would arrive!

i was so wrecked, hungry and smelly, i just wanted to get my ass to toronto to see my friends, eat and drink!

i dont think its possible to do it in one night and 1 day! actually it is...unless you are bionic man? because it is a long journey!

id say you need 2-3 days! plus you have to meet those assholes on the border! im not talking about the american immigration police at the border, im talking about the canadian border police! i got into lots of trouble cos i didnt know the exact name of the street were my friends lived! why would i? i was meeting them at a cafe and i had a phone number! ass bags!!!

thats my only advice!

3. Posted by oslaue (Full Member 571 posts) 10y

also...for 21 days...i think you could do a lot...

1 week in new york
1 week in san fran

1 week doing grand canyon, niagra falls, and that yellow thingy you mention!

shit you could fit in toronto there if you go that far up to niagra falls...

but for 21 days, i think that is plenty to do everything you want!!!

4. Posted by hey_monkee (Respected Member 430 posts) 10y

I have to highly recommend both your side trips on the western side - Yellowstone and the Grand Canyon. Two very beautiful places which will be well worth seeing, even if it means your visit is tightly scheduled - although in the time frame you mentioned, it should be manageable. Yellowstone is one of my favourite places in the world, it really captured my heart. Its so diverse, with geothermal activity alongside sprawling yellow plains dotted with heards of bison. When we visited Old Faithful there was even a bison sitting right alongside it as it went off!! Great photo op :) By Septmber the weather should be nice for hiking in these places too, if thats what you're into. Enjoy, I'm also visiting the States again in 2007 and can't wait

5. Posted by boreal2673 (Respected Member 345 posts) 10y

New york city to Niagra falls is a haul. If you want to check out the falls I suggest going to Toronto for a few days and stopping in Niagra Falls. Otherwise its a long journey for the time you have. If you are in San Fran I would definately recommend a few days in Yosemite, its awesome. As far as the east coast a few days in Boston and Philadelphia is a good fast option. You can head to Boston by bus and Philly by train. If you have a little money and not much time check out flights to Boston or Washington DC on the commuter flights, sometime they can be cheaper than the bus or train.

6. Posted by hil357 (Budding Member 11 posts) 10y

its been a couple years since i've been to yellowstone and the grand canyon, but they were two separate trips and the starting point was utah, not california. i think you need to research how long it would take to travel there, but it might be even longer than the trip from NYC to niagra falls that everyone is talking about. but i'm not entirely sure. i advise that you look at some detailed maps and see the distance between san francisco and yellowstone and yellowstone and the grand canyon to figure out how feasible it is.

7. Posted by Jimz (Budding Member 34 posts) 10y

I have travelled your fine land and therefore appreciate the basis of your hope that side trips from New York City and San Francisco of the type you described may be feasible. In Ireland, distances are small, travel is relatively uncomplicated, uncrowded, and inexpensive, and much can comfortably be accomplished in a short time. I suspect that you really do not fully understand the size of the USA. Niagara Falls shares a state name with New York City but is a significant distance from the City. Yellowstone is west of the Mississippi River as is San Francisco, but that is about all the two share in common. By vehicle, even assuming good weather, Yellowstone is an incredibly long drive from San Francisco. So is the Grand Canyon. As a person who has literally traversed the world a number of times, let me make a suggestion. See the cities you intend to visit and the regions around them well. Leave other more distant journeys for other times. While in New York City you could easily visit much of New England including Boston, Newport, Rhode Island, Mystic, Connecticut, or Cape Cod, or Atlantic City, New Jersey, or Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, or even Washington, D.C., but not as day trips. Be prepared to spend several days in each location. Immerse yourself. Pick good dining spots. Take walking tours. From San Francisco, as opposed to Yellowstone, I would recommend seeing Yosemite National Park. That could be part of a larger trip to Lake Tahoe/Reno, Nevada. Los Angeles, California is 400 miles from San Francisco, but would make a nice side trip if you intend to stay over for several days. San Diego and environs also fits that bill. But, while in San Francisco, consider seeing the nearby wine country and the Monterrey area of the coast. Don't bite off more than you can chew. You will be much more relaxed, and much better able to appreciate and enjoy what you see and do.


8. Posted by mostrim (Inactive 80 posts) 10y

Thanks for all the feedback guys. I would just like to say to Jimz that the reason I asked about the trips was that I do realise just how big the US is and that's why I wanted to know if the trips were viable. In 2005 I toured Australia. Flew from Sydney to Alice Springs, three hours or so, stayed in a hotel, did a bus trip to Uluru, five hours, came back, spent the night in Alice and flew on to Cairns. In New Zealand I took a ten hour bus trip from Queenstown to Fox Glacier. I had 23 days down under, did a lot of flying, but saw a lot of both countries. I thought something like this might be possible in the US, can I take it from the posts I have recieved this isn't possible?

9. Posted by pfeiffer (Full Member 211 posts) 10y

Quoting mostrim

... This was how I travelled around Australia/New Zealand in 2005 and I think any first time trip to a country should try to see the most famous tourist attractions(or some of them at least).
Any thoughts? Also, leaving aside the above, any must sees in the neighbourhood of these two cities?

This is a question of differing approaches to travel. I most definately disagree with your first statement about "most famous tourist attractions". But many people are happy to say that they've "done France" after climbing the Eiffel Tower and maybe visiting the coast of Normandy.

I think JimZ's advice was good, but you might also ask your relatives what they would recommend (who should know better?).

All the best,

Kevin Pfeiffer

10. Posted by mamalamb (First Time Poster 1 posts) 10y

Just as a side note, Yellowstone is about 5-6 hours from Salt Lake City. I live in Utah, near the Flaming Gorge, and it takes us about 4 hours to drive to Jackson Hole; another 45 minutes to Yellowstone. Beautiful country! West Yellowstone in the fall is simply magnificent with the changing colors of the leaves.