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Where can a videogame nerd and pop culture lover go?

Travel Forums Asia Where can a videogame nerd and pop culture lover go?

1. Posted by TechnoNerd (Budding Member 4 posts) 10y

My girlfriend and I are planning to visit Asia this summer. We like the history/tourist attractions that most travel agencies recommend, but we LOVE modern Asian pop culture, technology, music and movies. Our souvenirs would ideally be some obscure videogame merchandise, DVDs, CDs, toys, comics and magazines. We also would like to go off the main shopping streets and check out all the little, obscure shops and restaurants - but we're not really big heroes in undertaking these kind of things so far away from home...

We would love to go to Tokyo, but it looks like that's gonna be above our budget. So we're haven't pinned down which country we actually want to visit.

I was wondering if perhaps somebody with similar interests has a few suggestions for us?

2. Posted by ghostdog (Full Member 142 posts) 10y

Seriously...go to Tokyo. Especially Akihabara

3. Posted by rama_h (Inactive 91 posts) 10y

Tokyo's nice, but it's expensive...
Go to Singapore for sure, same experience like Tokyo (well... almost the same), but much cheaper!
Singapore is nice for Hi-tech lovers, pop culture, and... video games i think?? (I'm not much into video games)
Good luck!

4. Posted by TechnoNerd (Budding Member 4 posts) 10y

Thank you both for your replies!

I read about Akihabara in a book called "Power-Up: How Japanese Video Games Gave the World an Extra Life". I would really, REALLY, love to go there, but I am afraid I have to save up for that some more.

I will definately check out Signapore after this discription! Sounds great!

Thanks again! And ofcourse, more suggestions are always welcome :)

5. Posted by rbyslipahs (Respected Member 349 posts) 10y

I've said it before on other threads, but I'll gleefully say it again here: if you can't find it in Bangkok, you can't find it anywhere in the world. And Bangkok is so incredibly cheap! Besides, at just about any market in Thailand, you can find enough souvenirs of every type to placate even the choosiest shopper. I'm from St. Louis, and I found a St. Louis Cardinals baby bib in a market in Pak Chong -- small town near Khorat.

Going to Thailand is like the big kid's version of Toyland; everyday is Christmas. They don't call it "The Land of Happy" for nothing! :P