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How much money did you sped on your RTW trip?

Travel Forums Round the World Travel How much money did you sped on your RTW trip?

1. Posted by Kathi20 (Respected Member 270 posts) 10y

Just trying to figure out how long it will take us to save up some money for our RTW trip.

I haven't got a clue how much we'll need (tickets are clear, but the rest ), so any advice is highly appreciated!

2. Posted by aharrold45 (Travel Guru 1281 posts) 10y

Firstly you'd need to say what areas of the world you wish to visit, as places in Europe, North America, Australia, Japan and a few others are far more expensive than places like Central America, South America, India, China or anywhere in South East Asia.

After that you'd need to let people know how long you will be wanting to go for.

I spent approx 8400Euro when converted from AUD-Euro, in a 7 month round the world trip and that didn't include the cost of the very expensive round the world ticket. I was travelling on a tight budget, but some of the places I went such as Russia, a few countries in Scandinavia, Iceland, America including Hawaii added to my expenses quite considerably. So if I had of spent that time in Asia, then my expenses probably would have been reduced by about 2500Euro or at least something like that.

So if you are a bit more specific as to your time frame and what countries you wish to go to, or atleast the regions of the world and roughly the time in each region, people will be able to help you far more.

3. Posted by koalabear (Full Member 121 posts) 10y

12,000 euros in 11 mths and 9 countries

4. Posted by Dezafinado (Full Member 177 posts) 10y

Quoting koalabear

12,000 euros in 11 mths and 9 countries

Does that include transportation costs? And what part of the world did visit?

5. Posted by koalabear (Full Member 121 posts) 10y

Yes that included everything including transportation.
Japan, HK, Thailand, KL, Singapore, Oz, NZ, Tonga, Chile, Peru, Arg, Brazil,
yeah i think that's all on this trip.