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HELLO everyone!

Travel Forums Introductions HELLO everyone!


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31. Posted by photobug (Budding Member 20 posts) 12y

All in favor of hiding a plastic snake in travelover's room, say I! hehehe

(This has been an evil sister moment)

Kris: Glad we could brighten up your day

32. Posted by Gelli (Travel Guru 2457 posts) 12y

Travelover - why do they exist? Guessing for the sole purpose of scareing/annoying you, and letting your sister have a bit of fun with you...

Btw, i've got a great email you'd probably like about snakes in St. Louis...

33. Posted by mtlchica (Respected Member 922 posts) 12y

wow, you ignore a thread for a while and it goes crazy! Can't talk long though....there's a snake in the room!


34. Posted by Peter (Admin 5907 posts) 12y

Hadn't noticed this thread yet, but better late than never - welcome Taline, nice to have the Montreal circle growing!! Looking forward to seeing some of those well exposed pictures in your profile soon ;)


35. Posted by photobug (Budding Member 20 posts) 12y

Thanks Peter! I have to actually scan the pictures first, and then figure out how to upload them. (I havent been sucked into the digital craze just yet... analog is the way to go)

Then we can have numerous snake pictures for travelover... hahaha! kidding Tam!

36. Posted by travelover (Respected Member 494 posts) 12y

I for one will lobby against the abuse of Travelover. Down with the snakes of the world, in all shapes, sizes, colours, and materials (i.e. scales and plastic)! Down with them all!