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Is there anybody who has a large size of worldmap?

Travel Forums General Talk Is there anybody who has a large size of worldmap?

1. Posted by Behappy (Full Member 50 posts) 10y

Hi, there,

On planning a RTW travel, I want to hang a large world map
on my wall to set up my route, but I can't find a jpg or bmp file enough to print.

if you have a large size of world map,

Please send a message to me, i'll send you my email address.

Thanks in advance!!

2. Posted by Sander (Moderator 4894 posts) 10y

Offhand, I don't know of any freely available that include city labels and country borders and such (I suspect you'd have to go to a map store and buy one), but NASA has a variety of high resolution images available at resolutions more than high enough for creating large prints (assuming you have a printer capable of handling the large paper sizes). :) Its Blue Marble series is probably the most well known.

3. Posted by Dem (Full Member 78 posts) 10y

You can find lots of on-line downloadable maps in here:

But if you really want a big printed map... I would recommend you to buy for about 10€ the Michelin world map, is the one I have in my room.

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