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1. Posted by oslaue (Full Member 571 posts) 10y

im in thailand for 4 weeks...i was thinking of making it 3 weeks and 1 week in vietnam? or 1.5 weeks in vietnam? or maybe 4 weeks in thailand in total? which = 5.5 weeks :)

is north of thailand worth visiting? what is actually there? everyone seems to head down to the south for the islands in thailand.

is 3 weeks long enough in thailand? or do i need that extra week. i guess it will depend if i visit the what is up there?

and in relation to the south were the muslims are...i have heard about a few murders there on tourists and there own it safe?

advice appreciated!


2. Posted by Laura_B (Respected Member 352 posts) 10y

There's loads to do in Northern Thailand, trekking is a very popular activity, although you can do the same in northern Laos or Vietnam and I heard it's better there.

Chiang Mai is the second city of Thailand-good base for trekking and also if you want to learn Thai cooking or doing a Thai boxing course.

The mountain ranges in N Thailand are stunning, I really liked a little town called Pai which is around 3-4 hours from Chiang Mai. You can hire a moped and explore the area, I was there in January last year, the roads were pretty quiet so it was ideal. The north of Thailand has a lot more culture then the south if that's what you're into.

I don't think 1.5 weeks in Vietnam is enough, unless you just go north or south, you can't do the whole country in that time. Vietnam is a long thin country so it takes a while to get any where.

As for the deep south in Thailand-yes there has been some unrest over the last few years. It's advisable not to travel there, but I did & encounted no problems. Lots of police and army check points, but that was about it. Check press or ask locals at the time of travel. Don't think it's aimed at the tourists, just some have obviously got caught up in it. There was a bomb in Hat Yai in 2006 where 6 people died (which included a Canadian and couple of Malaysians) and many others were injured. It's really up to you whether you decide to go there or not. Every where seems to have risks these days!

3. Posted by oslaue (Full Member 571 posts) 10y

thanks laura..thats very true about the risk factor.

i know 1.5 weeks isnt enough in vietnam...i was planning to fly to and from the 2 major citys there...and kinda hang abount in around the citys or just dissapear for a day or two away from the citys.

this might be a stupid question..trekking...whats involved? going through jungles? walking up mountains etc...i like all that just for a few hours...but im not the type thats looking for 10 hours of walking if you get what i mean...

4. Posted by Laura_B (Respected Member 352 posts) 10y

I would highly recommend a few days in Saigon (HCMC) a crazy city with a really good buzz about it. From there you can also get to the Mekong Delta, ran out of time so didn't get to see it, but heard it's worth a trip.

Ahhhhh trekking, didn't really appeal to me, but it generally consists of walking through the jungle, seeing an ethnic tribe, perhaps staying over night in very basic accomadation. I've not done any trekking , but think you can go for a day & it usually involves an elephant ride & bamboo rafting. Lots of the trekks claim you'll see Thai wildlife, I've spoken to a few who have done trekking & they said they saw nothing! If you decide to do it, choose carefully, it's become quite commercial in Thailand. If you look hard enough I think it can do some more authentic type of trekks. Personally if I was into that I would do it in Laos or Thailand.

5. Posted by oslaue (Full Member 571 posts) 10y

thanks laura. ill stick to my moped:)

yeah everyone tells me saigon is a crazy place! thats how everyone has described it...hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm i wonder why...probably busy busy place full of backpackers and lots to do, see and drink! o and eat probably.

6. Posted by Laura_B (Respected Member 352 posts) 10y

Quoting Laura_B

Personally if I was into that I would do it in Laos or Thailand

I meant Vietnam! Don't know what's wrong with me these days, better read over before posting next time