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1. Posted by garry moll (Budding Member 348 posts) 10y

What has caused you to have a red face!!!!!!!!
something you said.
something you did.
or something you should have done.
I told my boss at work, whoever thought up the latest idea on the notice board was a total, tosser, (can i say that.....well you know what i mean)
and he told me it was his idea.
I had a red face

2. Posted by tway (Travel Guru 7273 posts) 10y

I fell down the stairs at the movie theatre on my first blind date. There were about 100 people in line staring at me and my date trying very, very hard not to laugh. The only thing I hurt was my pride - but...ouch.

3. Posted by s_hoot (Respected Member 497 posts) 10y

I once dropped a watermellon on the floor in the resturaunt i use to work in. It exploded all over the place. All the waitresses gave me a hard time.

4. Posted by Ahila (Inactive 1529 posts) 10y

My first and last attempt at ice-skating was when I was 16. I was leaving Abu Dhabi and my friends wanted me to try the most popular teen hang-out: the ice-skating ring, before I left. When I finally made up my courage to enter the ring, our booked session time was almost over. I was only halfway around, skating very slowly and holding onto the rope around the ring, when the floodlights came on, the music stopped and the skaters moved out for the rollers to come in to smoothen the ice for the next session. The maintenance people got impatient and they brought baby chairs (the ones that were used for toddlers, who were pushed around in the chairs by their older siblings or parents). Another friend and I were forced to sit on the tiny chairs and wheeled out of the ring, to the whistles and jeers of the immense crowd in the stadium. I think that was the most embarassing experience that I have ever had.

5. Posted by mikeyBoab (Travel Guru 5077 posts) 10y

There was this girl I fancied in high school. We were in gym class running laps and I was in front of her.

I farted. Really loudly.

6. Posted by Clarabell (Travel Guru 1696 posts) 10y

Just returned from the gym.....I found myself making unnecessarily frank remarks to the spinning teacher and whole class, about the gynacolgical injuries I nearly sustained on those stupid bikes...... Trust me to lower the tone.....I can't go back now.

If this is what five months of nurse training does to my sense of humour, what will I by like when I qualify?

Next week I'll probably fart in yoga.

[ Edit: Edited on Jan 15, 2007, at 11:10 AM by Clarabell ]

7. Posted by james (Travel Guru 4136 posts) 10y

Referred to a new girlfriend by the name of an old girlfriend - to her mother

Was at a 21st birthday party and was talking to the mother of the party boy, and I vomited on her foot

8. Posted by garry moll (Budding Member 348 posts) 10y

thats a big no ! no ! james.....never vomit on someones foot....
sorry jame that was not called for.

9. Posted by Isadora (Travel Guru 13926 posts) 10y

Quoting garry moll

thats a big no ! no ! james.....never vomit on someones foot....
sorry jame that was not called for.

Don't apologize!! Foot vomiting is a no-no everywhere!!! Bad James!!

10. Posted by garry moll (Budding Member 348 posts) 10y

I once arranged a night out from work,,,tenpin bowling, we drank lots and lots of beer and were all fresh.
all the lads took there better halfs and we had a great night,,,,,,,
one of my workmates (a good friend but i had never met his wife) who, how can i say, likes to share his food when eating and thats being nice to him, he talks when his mouth is full, we all get a bit when he eats rice.
While he was getting the beer in at the bar he bought a packet of crisps/fries and i said to the young lady next to me.
Oh no steve has bought crisps/fries looks like we need an umberlla or we will get cover in them.
the lady i was talking to was his wife.