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181. Posted by amand83 (Inactive 34 posts) 9y

Quoting flaunt

Hi, I know how you feel.... the most important is your financial documents I guess, show them as much as you can, like F/D or any bank statement that prove you have the money to sponsor you travel in UK ...

Hi flaunt! yes! you said its right, thanks for your comment.
i pretty nervous coz i really scared i have no luck (^.~)
however, i'm late here, how's your interview anyway?
all the best in your interview, all the lucks with you!!!

hey sienhuat, how about yours?
i meant you have passed up the application form?

Hi shirlene, you're going alone too? so i am ..
pm me if you really need a companion,
we can go together if possible..

thanks to sadjordan's opinion, we these new applicants will remember then ;)

182. Posted by waterlily (Budding Member 25 posts) 9y

Quoting 1688


any WHM can share wat kind of job r u doing now ?i know my friend work in HNS,restaurent & hotel.
any 1 here working in factory or others ... using WHM visa ?:)

Hi 1688,

i am currently working on a research project (contract) & it's office-based. r u only interested in hospitality jobs?

i think u could easily get a contract job in London(better still if the job is related to ur work experience in M'sia), not sure abt other parts of the UK. don't try to apply for permanent positions, most of the companies won't consider WHM.

try searching or, am sure u'll find plenty of jobs there.

good luck!

183. Posted by 1688 (Budding Member 11 posts) 9y

Quoting 1688

hi water lily
thanks for ur infor.
can u let me know wat kind of research project r u involve in?u find ur job through internet ?

I'm not interested in hospitality jobs....that's y i try to ask whether got ppls working in office job using WHM visa.

thanks for ur info.anyway how long did u spend to find a job in London?any difficulties to find a contract job?

thanks to share.:) any job to intro?actually I already got my visa....

184. Posted by flaunt (Budding Member 17 posts) 9y

Here is some useful information to the future applicant:

  • **The web site where you can find out more about the interview section. (Must be able to read in Mandarin for this web site)

  • ********************************************************************************

Be prepare for the questions below:

  • This = Means important and must pay attention to it.

1) Are you going to have the interview in English or do you need a translator?
2) Who fill up your application form?
3) What have you bring to show me? (documents)
4) Are you staying with your parents?
5) What are your parents doing? (their job)
6) How much are they earning?
7) How are you going to support them while you are traveling?(means you parents)
8) Why do you want to go to UK or what’s inspiring you to go there?
9) How much will you bring to UK?
10) How much is your monthly loan? (if you own any asset)
11) How are you going to pay the loan when you are traveling? (if you own any asset)
12) What’s your travel plan and what are you going to do when you there?
13) Are you going to work in UK?
14) What kinds of job are you intend to do?
15) How long do you intend to stay in UK?
16) Do you have any friend in UK?
17) What is you job?
18) How long have you been doing this job?
19) Don’t you think 2 years of traveling will affect your career?
20) Do you have boyfriend/girlfriend?
21) Have you been refuse visa before?
22) Where does the money come from?(your saving)
23) Do you plan to go to Europe? (your saving)
24) Where do you get all this information from?
25) Why do you choose to go to UK this year?
26) Where will you be staying in UK?
27) Why do you want to visit____(it could be any place that you’ve mentioned before)___?
28) Where do you get all this information from?
29) Do you plan to go to Europe?
30) Is there any thing else you would like to tell me?(tell them how you wish to travel in UK and see the world!)


  • Confidence when answering your questions.
  • Plan a good travel plan for 2 years. (rough draft)
  • Keep your answer straight and clear.
  • Show your enthusiasm and determination to travel in UK.
  • Let them feel that you are very happy and can't wait to go.

Must not:

  • Hesitation
  • Lies
  • Too nervous

I know it’s easier to say but just try your best for it. Good luck to all of you!

  • ****************************************************************
185. Posted by amand83 (Inactive 34 posts) 9y

Wow!!! Congratulation to flaunt! thanks for your full information, in details.

All of these are really useful to us, thank you very much.


186. Posted by sienhuat (Budding Member 25 posts) 9y

Congrats flaunt, can share with us what are the documents that you have submitted? when you plan to go Uk?

187. Posted by eblim (Budding Member 3 posts) 9y

Hi all, any WHM who are currently working in design industry or looking for graphic/web design position in uk?

188. Posted by skyef (Full Member 105 posts) 9y

eblim :

Hi all, any WHM who are currently working in design industry or looking for graphic/web design position in uk?

Not me. I'm in the hospitality :)

189. Posted by flaunt (Budding Member 17 posts) 9y


Hi all,

You're most welcome, it's always been good to help around...just like how others help me!... world will become a better place if everybody would help the needers with a sincere heart right... so hope next time you can share you experience to the future applicants too.;)
I'll be going in early August, still planning on it..very busy....but very happy...

Here are the documents that you should be prepared:
(Pls note that everything have to prepare in original documents and photocopies)

  • Passport (no need photocopy)
  • Recent passport photo (white background, side 35mm X 45mm)
  • Financial bank statements (as much as you can!)
  • Your asset S&P agreement (if you have)
  • Travel plan and information of the places that you will visit.
  • Appointment letter
  • Payslips (3 to 6 months)
  • Application forms and itemize list of you document.
  • certification (Education)
  • Prove of your profession (if you don't have study certification)
  • ** Just submit anything would help for your applicaion! Do check at the UK visa web-side for more important information)


The interview officer told me it's a must to buy a return ticket when I asked her, even though there are no 2 years return ticket (mix is 1 year).


190. Posted by flaunt (Budding Member 17 posts) 9y

[/quote]skyef or anybody;

Can you kindly tell me how do you find tha job in UK? any difficulty of finding a job or room? ANYBODY pls give some advice if possible.....Thank you...Thank you...
Hope to hear from you soon...;)

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