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211. Posted by mengyew69 (First Time Poster 1 posts) 9y

Hi veryone,
I will be submiting my application this Thursday.Hope that everything goes well.
Is it we must submit the Trave Plan???
Does anybody thr has a sample PLAn???
Thank everyone

212. Posted by CWS-JO (Budding Member 10 posts) 9y

hi everyone,
Me and my gf just got our WHM visa yesterday. VERY VERY HAPPY, can finally sleep soundly.We'll be leaving on 1st of Oct. It only took us 2 working days without any interviews. the only hassle is the long queue to apply and collect our passport. once u have applied, remember the e-mail them to check your application status after 2 days.they are very efficient,u might get a reply within few hours time. i think we got approved so fast bcoz of 2 reasons :

1. we've been to london 2 years back and we travelled alot this year alone, japan-singapore-thailand-hongkong ...maybe thats y they believe we are really going to travel more instead of work in uk .

2. financial backup. we've submitted our own bank statement and FD. we used my mum's bank statement as well,acting as sponsor.

so here's some advise for future applicants, get all your bank statements certified true copy by the bank. i went to VFS office 4 times because my documents werent complete. make sure your passport picture has WHITE background and DO NOT SMILE ,they'll ask u to submit a new one if ur teeth's showing in the pic. if u are not sure the amount u must have in your account that will convince the officers, then borrow from your parents. thats what i did, i asked my mum to transfer rm 30,000 to my FD and rm 70,000 to my savings account. once done ask the bank to make a photostated copy and certify them. submit it and when ur application been approved, transfer back the money to ur parents. it could be any amount, i dont know... just to be on the safe side put more :) .

As for travel plan, i didnt submit any. U will need the address of your accomodation in uk though. in that case i simply find online some hotel in london and made a booking, they sent me an e-mail confirmation and i printed it . now i will email the hotel and cancel the booking since i already got my visa

Currently im researching for a place to stay, anyone got some suggestions? is it possible to find a room 80-100 pounds per week for 2 person in london? i can see alot of ppl doing chinese restaurants and takeaway, are there any other options available ? for those who are already in uk with whm visa please share your experience so that we will know wat to face when arrive.

Is there any website or community forum for malaysians working or studying in uk? it would be nice to have gathering and maybe some activities there. after all, we should look after each other.

213. Posted by nic_nic (Budding Member 3 posts) 9y

Quoting Rubylulu

Dear nic_nic,

I m not sure if it ll cause u a problem if u never go travel b4 ur application. but 'everything hav their 1st time'. so, it shd be all rite.

Whether u ll be call 4 interview is depend on the doc u submitted. so, well prepared ur doc. good luck.

Thanks again, Rubylulu. Gonna apply next week after get everything done. Sked!!!

214. Posted by sienhuat (Budding Member 25 posts) 9y

Finally i have submitted my application today together with my girlfriend. Pray hard that we both can get through..

By the way, just to clarify CWS-JO. I submitted my application with my photo showing my teeth and i am smiling, but my application still accepted. I believe this is depend on individual officer who accessing your application. Also, i dont think is a good advice to transfer back the money to your mom. My suggestion is only transfer back to your mom after only you arrived in UK. The UK immigration may check your documents upon arrival to UK. Also, you mentioned you didnt submit your travel plan, i think in this case you have shown to them you have 100K fund to travel or maybe again it might depend on individual visa clearance officer..

anyway, whoever what to apply please well prepared and do a lot of homework before submitting your application. This will save all the hassle..

Lastly, wish my girlfriend and I all the best...

215. Posted by CWS-JO (Budding Member 10 posts) 9y

hi sienhuat,
all the best to u and ur gf's application ... i think if u guys are submitting the documents together i think it wouldnt be a problem coz they seem to be more convinced with couples travelling together. when are u planning to go uk if everything goes well? maybe we can travel together and meet more malaysians there

216. Posted by seacoral03 (Budding Member 10 posts) 9y

Dear all..
Please refer to


it may help you all lots..


217. Posted by seacoral03 (Budding Member 10 posts) 9y

To cW & Sienhuat..

Good luck to you all...

You all can choose to stay in Malaysian Hall.(london).Per nite cost about 12pound for double bed room. it is really cheap..besides, you can eat Malaysia foods..we have nasi lemak for breakfast cost 2pound and tea tarik 1 pound...really yummy..... please refer to website (online booking. please call them one week before depart for booking will do)

London is beautiful city..lots of attractions places to visit...

you sure will meet a lot of Malaysian in UK...china too...


218. Posted by sienhuat (Budding Member 25 posts) 9y

Today I have checked my application, but it still under processing. I think there are too many visa application :( or maybe they are arranging my interview date......The VFS officer ask me to check with them after another 2 working days. I'm so worrieddd...

219. Posted by amand83 (Inactive 34 posts) 9y

Quoting CWS-JO

hi everyone,
Me and my gf just got our WHM visa yesterday. VERY VERY HAPPY, ........
2. financial backup. we've submitted our own bank statement and FD. we used my mum's bank statement as well,acting as sponsor.

Hi sienhuat, CWS-JO, good day to everybody over here,

sienhuat> don't worry, yes, there are many applicants these few months, really. take a deep breath, relax youself, and wait patiently for few more days. may lucks with you!

CWS-JO> there was a case, my friend failed to get the WHM visa, she thought it may because the FD and statement kind of stuffs. Her money in FD and statement actually was given by her boyfriend, due to her boyfriend was working illegally in uk, that's why she mentioned the money came from her parents.
and now, she still does not know the actual reason why she was failed to get the visa.
so, the immigration officers actually can check your bank statement, FD, that big amount was came from?!!! as long as they are suspecting on something, even very small matter, they directly will fail the application?!!

please advise, anyone? thank you. :)

220. Posted by sienhuat (Budding Member 25 posts) 9y

Yippeee.... my girlfriend and i both got the visa without interview. No more worriess... pheww Now i need to start prepare for the rest... seem to have a lot of things need to arrange before we leave to UK.

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