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481. Posted by kosuabon (Budding Member 20 posts) 9y

Quoting mctnesh

Quoting kosuabon

hey pals...

I think it's best to read other people's experience while on working holiday ...I found this blog

I think it's worth while to read....because at least u'll have the idea of what to expect while on working holiday..:):)

anyone knows other WH maker blog?

Excellent post, kosuabon.
This is exactly what i had been looking for.

Infact i was thinking of starting my travel photoblog once im there

yeah..u should... don't forget to inform us when u have one..

482. Posted by simonwong (Budding Member 46 posts) 9y

hi all,

i just find out that my passport would be expire next year 2009 February. is that i have to reissue again the passport before applying the visa

thank you if somebody give me advice.



483. Posted by mctnesh (Full Member 69 posts) 9y

Quoting simonwong

hi all,

i just find out that my passport would be expire next year 2009 February. is that i have to reissue again the passport before applying the visa

thank you if somebody give me advice.



If you're coming back to Malaysia before that for a short visit, you could renew it then.
Otherwise, you can always renew your Passport at Malaysian Embassy at UK. Heard you can get it renewed on the same day

484. Posted by muendo (Budding Member 4 posts) 9y

hey there

Would just like to express my gratitude to this forum. I got my working holiday Visa to the UK last Friday. Thanks again for all the pointers and guidance. It was really helpful! :)

So anyone going end of Feb or sometime in Feb? Doing anything interesting?

Ive got one question to ask however. My visa is valid from the 28th Feb onwards but is it possible for me to go in earlier but not to work or anything. Because I have a relative staying there. Might want to visit a bit earlier. Is that possible? There is no restrictions for visit right into commonwealth countries? We dont need a visa to visit the UK right? Please advice me on this urgently too. I need to book a ticket.

Another thing. I checked and the cheapest airline from KLIA to heathrow is USD556 leaving on the 28th. Ive also come across Kuwait Airways which is a lil cheaper. USD500+ also. Anyone has any better deals?

All rite hope to hear from you guys and maybe meet up or something here or there.

Take care peepz...

485. Posted by lulu82 (First Time Poster 1 posts) 9y


I just came back from uk last week. I has been working there as qs for 1 year time under Science and Graduate Scheme (SEGS) visa. Unfortunately my company couldn't manage to get the work permit for me, therefore I need to leave uk when my visa expired.

I would like to apply WHM after CNY.

I have my uk bank statement of 5500 pound (rm 30000). my father has rm25k. total 55k. is it enough? or i need to get my frien to help. i think he has at least rm 100k. But i heard that if we show too much money, they will reject also. any suggestion?

My another question is : wat kind of jobs do i need to include in my plan? either part time or full time? i understand that we only can work 1 year if get a permenant job. How about part time? one year also????it is so difficult for me to convince them to approve my WHM asi had been there for one and a half year.

I plan to submit the following documents:
- 3 forms
- my uk bank statement (RM30k)
- my father bank statemnt (RM25k)
- my bf invitation letter (he is in the uk and can provide me accommodation)
- my travel plan (i has been london, blackpool and york only, so i wan to go other places)
- passport
- photo
- my letter to explain the reason i apply
- print out some travel guide
- sponsor letter (my father)

Congrats to all the person who get the WHM, can you send me your travel plan. Your helps will be appreciated.
Thanks in advance.



486. Posted by low39 (Budding Member 3 posts) 9y

hi all,just let everyone know,i had a waiter /waitress job vacacy from end of feb,so anyone interest to take this job please let me know,thanks.
congratulation to all of u that success get the visa.

487. Posted by Mimibonita (Budding Member 8 posts) 9y

I'm an applicant for the WHM visa. I prepared my visa application materials within 1 week and got my visa within 2 days. I'd like to share my experience as a reference to those who wishes to apply for this visa. I've managed to gather a huge amount of information by reading this thread.
For starters, I submitted all the relevant documents (application forms), and then attached
1) my residence sponsor's letter from the UK, a proof of residency (in this case a bank letter with the address), the sponsor's relevant passport and valid visa
2) tentative travel plans, a very simple one with three columns, duration of stay, areas of interest, and proposed budget.
3) A letter to the visa officer, with simple answers to my background, why i want to tour the UK, and my budget allocation.
4) All the bank statements, with a letter from the bank stating the amount (RM 25K)
5) Parent's sponsor letter
6) Degree cert and letters from previous employers.

Thats it. It is a simple yet precise process. As long as you have the right documents and valid statements, they can't fail your application.
Some advice from my experience:
1) Be sure to produce a valid address and contact in the UK. They asked me for that specifically.
2) If parents are sponsors, supply birth cert as proof.
3) Check check check your documents before going. 1 missed document, you'll have to go through the whole waiting process again.
4) If you have been to the UK before (twice for me in the past yr), do write a valid letter to support WHY you want to go to the UK again. It HAS to be able to convince the officers.
5) Bank statement to be RM20k and above to be convincing enough. They know UK travel for Malaysians are expensive!!
6) Don't wear color contacts, they'll ask you to remove it while taking your biometric digital picture.
7) If you receive an email for collection, jump with joy! It is approved!!

Hope this helps!

488. Posted by getaway (Budding Member 6 posts) 9y


does anyone of you guys have a sample of invitation letter from a friend for the UK and letter from your sponsor on the reason they are sponsoring...need help in this cos i'm not a person who is good in this...pls help..

489. Posted by Mimibonita (Budding Member 8 posts) 9y

Here's a sample:

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am currently living and working in London and will be expecting my friend (Name) to be visiting the U.K. around February 2008. I will be hosting his/her stay in England here for the duration of his/her holiday plans.

Attached with this letter is my (proof of residency, S&P agreement etc.), which proves my residency at this current address. Please contact me if you have further questions regarding (name) stay in the U.K. Thank you.

modify yourself accordingly.

490. Posted by getaway (Budding Member 6 posts) 9y

thank dude...really appreciate it.

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