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1. Posted by PirateDani (Budding Member 153 posts) 10y

PirateDani has indicated that this thread is about England

has anyone here flown with BMI Baby?

The reason I ask is, I have a flight booked with them, and went online today to check that I had payed the fuel surcharge (because if you havent, you wont get on the flight)

Information pertaining to the new charge was.... non-existant, the only refernce being the invoice I recieved baring the subheading of 'applicable taxes, passenger surcharge, and insurance surcharge'

and then I stumbled across this in the FAQ:

What are the baggage rules for bmibaby flights?
A baggage fee is charged for the carriage of each item of checked baggage. The baggage fee may be prepaid at the discounted internet rate of £2.50/€4 per item of baggage/per one way flight when making your reservation or at a later date by amending your booking on the website. If booking via the call centre or you arrive at the airport without pre booking a £5.00/€8 charge per item, per one way flight will apply.

Now, when booking I was not told of this charge, and there was no where on the booking form for the no. of bags to be taken, nor, after logging on, can I find the relevent form to fill in.

Does anyone know about this?

edit: I have tryed phoneing them, but they had no idea either

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2. Posted by Mel. (Travel Guru 4567 posts) 10y

Hello PirateDani

What a terrible airline.
Usually fuel surcharges and other charges, except airport departure taxes, from some countries, are included in ticket prices with airlines.

I have never heard of an airline charging, for baggage, unless the baggage is over the allowed weight. This weight varies for different airlines. But a backpack full of stuff would usually not exceed it. And most let u check in more than one item of baggage, without charge, if it does not exceed the weight limit.

I am certainly going to avoid BMIbaby, now that u have said what they are like.


3. Posted by oslaue (Full Member 571 posts) 10y

BMIbaby! i am a bit amused in your problems because i have flown with BMI many many many times.

BMIbaby is just another name for low cost airline were you can fly for dirt cheap. When you purchase the tickets you might have to pay extra for bagage, i know there is a few cons...but the exact same is for Ryanair...this is why BMIbaby flights are so cheap!

in general i find BMI one of the best airlines out there in terms of quality and price! they far exceed ryanair, easy jet, aer lingus...i get free food and drink! the staff arent so minging to look at! and in general they are english! if i fly with a english air line i expect english people, unlike ryanair who hire polish and all other kinds of nationalities were they dont know a word in english. aer lingus is the worst! they have staff who are in there 50s working on there planes!

however i have only flown with BMIbaby a few times one needs to be really flexible to get that ticket and i have never paid any additional costs through the web! i booked via internet and that was it! everything paid for.

i think your problem is, you have realised now that you want to take a few extra bags with you.

i suggest you check the bmibaby website for baggage rules BUT do remember that heathrow airport has restrictions where they come and go were sometimes no bags can be taken on at all...unless its tiny! not only that but the airlines have different rules to heathrow airport rules in terms of the actual size of the bag that you can take.

if you fly with bmibaby, eg the weight that you can carry is 20kg, if you fly with bmi the weight of your bag should be no more than 30kg. i have taken a 60kg bag on the plane before and they took a blind eye to it.

mel...a lot of the low cost airlines charge for ryanair / aer lingus! why else is the ticket so cheap...

PirateDani - you might be right about getting charged per bag, but when you booked the flight ticket via internet this should have been made clear, especially in the terms & conditions not that any of us read all that crap!

another thing about ryanaer if you phone them up they charge £1-£1.50 a min for a call! i suspect that a lot of the other (cheap) air lines might do this too.

i would just show up on the day with the bags...the only problem there is when you are checking in they will see that the bags have not been paid for...obviously when you do this these people dont take cash or cards, they ask you to go to the bmi information desk to do the paying and then send you back. to avoid this...just go to the bmi information desk first!

if your as a good looking as me and can talk the talk then you will get it for free!

BMI = excellent BMIbaby = ryanair! thats the kind of service you get! they sometimes will put you in a small plane, less leg room, no food, have to pay for drinks etc...on NORMAL BMI flights everything is included in the price of your flight ticket and still is cheap...

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4. Posted by PirateDani (Budding Member 153 posts) 10y

Mel: I aint complaining too much.... Excluding airport taxes, the price of the flight was, wait for it £0.00. Yup, basically a free flight (damn the airport taxes)

oslaue: Thankyou! that has been really very very helpful

5. Posted by Mel. (Travel Guru 4567 posts) 10y

Hello Piratedani

So long as u are happy, with the deal.
There are a lot of budget airlines out there now. Maybe they are all going to go the same way, eventually. I heard people talking about extras they had to pay for, before, with a few airlines.


6. Posted by cde3879 (Full Member 142 posts) 10y

I've flown with BMI Baby several times - the airline is BMI, they just call it baby as the flights are cheap. You do have to pay for sandwiches and drinks on board if you're on a short flight, but I checked in 2 pieces of luggage no problem and they didn't charge me any extra.

So I wouldn't worry - in my opinion they're the best cheap airline out there - infinitely better than BloodyImpossibleJet or CryingAir.

7. Posted by oslaue (Full Member 571 posts) 10y

if you fly with BMI in the pay for food and drinks! if its a international flight its eg london to amsterdam you get freebies...unless that has all changed...

8. Posted by cde3879 (Full Member 142 posts) 10y

Quoting oslaue

if you fly with BMI in the pay for food and drinks! if its a international flight its eg london to amsterdam you get freebies...unless that has all changed...

I flew LON-AMS with them in November and I had to pay for my food and drink there, so I guess it has all changed! After all London is closer to Amsterdam than it is to Edinburgh!

9. Posted by oslaue (Full Member 571 posts) 10y

aaa this might explain


because i flew in the summer - doa search for 'food' in the web page above...

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