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want to get more advise about prague

Travel Forums Europe want to get more advise about prague

1. Posted by Ivyzhang (Budding Member 19 posts) 10y

I have a business trip to prague, and will have 4 days free, so I want to get a simple tour around more tips about prague will be necessary , including the beautiful place and good restaurant, or some excellent plce near by prague, etc.
and I also want to know which hotel be very comfortable for traffic with appropriate price.
highly appreciate your helpful information!

2. Posted by PeteW27 (Budding Member 50 posts) 10y

Hi. I lived in Prague for 10 months and the Czech Republic as a whole for 20 so I'd like to say I know this city well!

I will leave the accommodation bit to your business, as they will surely be paying for this? For 4 days free, I swear you will have seen the city well as it is small by European and International standards. I would personally recommend doing the following:

1) do the Kings Walk. This is:
-take the metro "A" to Hradčanská, get off, follow signs for "Hrad" which is Castle in Czech. Basically follow all the tourists into the castle, which is the biggest in Europe. There is the Cathedral etc there and you could easily spend an entire morning there. in fact, I'd recommend doing this, so don't automatically go through the main entrance at first. For one thing, the views of the city are amazing.
-once in the castle grounds, follow everyone else, you eventually end up in the "Golden Walk" with loads of little shops.
-go down the "Knights' Steps" (can't miss them) which leads you to Majačanská. Either take the first right or follow the tram route. Both routes take you to Mala Strana, or Lesser Quarter Square.
2) Then simply follow the signs for "Karlúv Most" or Charles Bridge, the famous one!
3) follow the crowds, every way leads to Old Town Square, which is personally the best part of the city. You could go to the Jewish Quarter from there or simply again head on. Eventually, you end up at Wencelas Square. If you do not stop walking (pointless) the entire walk would only take 50 mins max.


Na Přikopě, at the bottom of Wencelas Square, is where all the shops are. They are cheap by most standards.
Continue down that road to the breathtaking Municipal House.
The only Metro line you will ever need is Line A, the green one. I'd strongly recommend taking a journey on this line to: Náměstí Miru (Square of Peace), Jiři z Podebrad, where you can go to the amazing Riegrové Sady. This is a huge park with beautiful vistas of the city. It is also a hidden gem, as most tourists don't know it. You've got the time to go there.
do NOT take a Taxi, unless arranged by your Czech business associates, or you can speak Czech. you WILL be ripped off.
do NOT take Tram 22, as this is the tourist one and is therefore the notorious one for pick-pockets.
DO eat at U Staré Pošty. With the Museum behind you, take the first left and continue to the end. It is a quality little gem and it will only cost you £5 for a two course meal.

PM me if you need anymore advise. Enjoy it though, it is an amazing, if not completely mad place!!!!

"Přeju Vám heský vylet do krásné Prahy!"

3. Posted by sarahd (Budding Member 96 posts) 10y

My latest fav hotel in Prague is the Riverside, great service. Was last there over New Year.

Not to be missed in my mind are Vysehrad, the original Pague castle, its usually peaceful as not many tourists make the trip. Take the metro to Vysehrad and walk down, its a steep uphill if not. Then walk down to the river and take the tram back.

Church wise I love St Nicholas on the lesser, and St Vitus, also St Ludmilla on Nam. Miru. If you like churches.

Other good views, roof terrace at U Prince on old town square (service can be shocking here but its worth a drink for the view), and tower in the old town hall, entrnce thru the infomation point.

Letna Park for great views down the Vltava and the bridges, a wander in Petrin park for the hunger wall. Both good escapes from the crowds, also the castle gardens and summer place are beautiful. The TV tower is a personal favourite too, although not many people understand this, its so ugly its great.

My last trip to Prague although busy for New Year was based on a quiet break, it was my first trip alone.

Food wise, I like and will always end up back in Kolkovna, good beer, good hearty Czech food. Although I missed the Argentinian restaurant on Dlouha and Lary Fary (which I've also heard is good). Jo's Bar (at side of St Nicholas on the lesser church) on Mala Strana has a nice atmosphere if alone.

Apparently Prague has a slight pickpocket issue, in all my trips I haven't witnessed orr experienced it, I think just take care.

4. Posted by Ivyzhang (Budding Member 19 posts) 10y

thanks so much! it is really helpful information.

and I also have 3 days in pardubice where have 1 or 2 hours by car from prague , have anybody know some about there? is it a small town ? have any good place can visit around pardubice?

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5. Posted by PeteW27 (Budding Member 50 posts) 10y

Quoting Ivyzhang

thanks so much! it is really helpful information.

and I also have 3 days in pardubice where have 1 or 2 hours by car from prague , have anybody know some about there? is it a small town ? have any good place can visit around pardubice?

Yeh, been there too as I lived in Olomouc as a student. To be fair, it's ok but nothing special. It is about half way between Prague and Olomouc so it'd be worth a stop off, but not a stay over. Olomouc however is a hidden gem, it is like Prague but without the tourists. The only foreigners you see there are the students. It is 3 hours by train (the "quick" ones, like they go about 50mph tops!) similar time by car I imagine. I'd go by train, as you get to see the beautiful countryside of Moravia.

If you want to stay, I went back there in '05 for a reunion and stayed at The Poet's Corner, downtown.

Day trips to consider from Prague: Kalštejn Castle. It is amazing and only about 40 mins away. Take the train from Praha-Smichov, not the main station/hlavní nadraží. Plzeň. 90 mins away, the home of Pilsener Urquell and the capital of West Bohemia. Or do what most tourists do, and head south for 2 hours and go to Český Krumlov, near to České Budjovice, home of the only Budweiser worth drinking, Budvar!!

6. Posted by sarahd (Budding Member 96 posts) 10y

I love Budvar!

Olomouc is well worth the trip, as is Cesky Krumlov, I also stayed a few days in Ceske Budejovice. Would skip Brno though. Cesky Raj area is good if you like walking.

7. Posted by pranavc (Respected Member 316 posts) 10y

When I visited Prague a few years ago, the "Jazz Boat" was quite popular among tourists. You might want to check that out. I believe the website is