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WHV with drink driving charge

Travel Forums Australia / New Zealand & The Pacific WHV with drink driving charge

1. Posted by buzzzz (Budding Member 14 posts) 10y

has anyone been rejected for a WHV with a drink driving charge?

my court case is on may 16th and i will get a ban and a fine (no jail sentence). they say they cant issue WHV until court case is done and details sent.

i was hoping to go mid june and want to book flights now to save money as the price could double, do you think i could get rejected for this. i have no other convictions, never been arrested or even had a point on my license in 5 years of driving and was wondering whether to take the risk.


2. Posted by buzzzz (Budding Member 14 posts) 10y


maybe this is the wrong place to ask this kinda question, not having any luck on, any ideas where i could get some advice?


3. Posted by milt1978 (Budding Member 32 posts) 10y

Hi you wont be rejected for a D/D conviction but they will need to see your record. a friend of mine got one with GBH, its only multiple or drug conviction they tend to refuse.

4. Posted by Nicip (Full Member 112 posts) 10y

hi there

i went to OZ not long after my drink driving conviction and got my WHV fine, nothing was said i got it straight away

So yeah you'll be fine.

When i was filling in the arrival card when landing in OZ, it said you had to admit to any criminal convictions you have ever had otherwise if you dont and get found out your in huge trouble. So i wrote it down not thinking anything. And as i was going through passport control i got taken into a room and jus asked what conviction it was.

when i told them, they said that i shouldnt of mentioned it and if i come back to OZ again not to bother mentioning about the conviction! .

then they let me go...!

5. Posted by buzzzz (Budding Member 14 posts) 10y

hi thanks for replying!

so if they need to wait until my conviction comes through and i send off the details, how long could i expect to wait until they finalise their decision?

6. Posted by milt1978 (Budding Member 32 posts) 10y

Two weeks is the norm, you will need to send your info of to Australia. have you already applied for your visa?

7. Posted by buzzzz (Budding Member 14 posts) 10y

yes i have applied and they replied saying they coudn't decide until court course is over and i send the papers, i wish i could find out now so i could book a flight :(