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1. Posted by dawn90 (Inactive 17 posts) 10y

hey, just applied for my visa and went in to check it online about 5 minutes later and it said applicant approved but I tried to click on it and it came up with a page saying "This service is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later". I haven't recievd an email or anything either.

Has anyone had this when they applied for their visa???? Will i recieve an email at some point???


2. Posted by swanjack (Budding Member 2 posts) 10y

If its the OZ visa all i did was make a note of thr visa number and use that at the airport as it says on the web site

3. Posted by belfast79 (Budding Member 10 posts) 10y

Hi Dawn,

I had this same problem last week when I applied for my visa, I was getting the same error message.

I emailed them on the contact us link with my name, passport number etc and a few days later they emailed me my confirmation letter.

Hope this helps


4. Posted by dawn90 (Inactive 17 posts) 10y

Hey, that's good to hear...thanks!! Think I just needed a bit of reassurance :) The whole website is temporarily unavailable now so as soon as it is back I will get the mail address and email them

5. Posted by dawn90 (Inactive 17 posts) 10y

I have my visa yaaay!!!! :) Mailed them on the contact us link and had the confirmation email sent to me within a few hours!!!

Just thought I'd write in case anyone else has troubles with this and is worried about it :)