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1. Posted by Purdy (Travel Guru 3546 posts) 10y

Purdy has indicated that this thread is about Australia

Ok so we only got back from our trip to Australia & New Zealand last week but so that l can combat the serious post holiday blues we are going to book a big trip for next Jan 08 most likely.

We only visited Melbourne (& Great Ocean Road) and Sydney (& Blue Mountains).

So we want to explore Australia a bit more. My question is what route to take and where to go and see!

I know that we want to go back to Melbourne (lve got friends there so l might as well pop by and say hello - and have some more of the fantastic coffee!); lm not to bothered about going back to Sydney (been there and done that!) SO (now l may actually get to my point) we want to see:

Tassie; Byron Bay; Queensland ( Gt Barrier Reef, Whitsundays, Cairns); Uluru; Perth.

This list is not exhaustive; we have around 4 weeks to play with and we would most likely stop of in Bangkok on our way out and Hong Kong on the way home (or visa versa!).

Could someone recommend a good route to take or if lm missing something major out of our list please feel free to tell me!

Cheers Everyone


2. Posted by Utrecht (Moderator 5597 posts) 10y

Hi Heather,
I guess it's nearly impossible to see all those places you mentioned in about 4 weeks.....yes I know it's shame.
But maybe after Melbourne, drive to Adelaide and up north to Cooper Pedy and uluru/alice springs. From there fly to cairns and make your way down to Brisbane.
Or visit Tasmania after Melbourne and afterwards choose between the outback or the west coast.

Of course, the central northern part has a lot to offer like Kakadu, Litchhfield and Katherine Gorge.
Ok, I haven't been to Australia yet (I keep you posted after april when I am back!) but I think Perth is nothing to fancy about when you don't visit more places in the west.

I'm doing the Melbourne-Darwin route with about 5 or 6 days more north of Cairns (we fly from darwin to cairns).
But next time I want to visit Tasmania and the Sydney to Brisbane area and a third time the west coast between perth and darwin. There is so much to see, that at least 3 or 4 times a month will give you a good impression.

Have fun...already;) Michael

3. Posted by Purdy (Travel Guru 3546 posts) 10y

Hi Michael

I know l just need to get a bit of a route sorted in my head then l can fill in the rest as l go along! It took me most of 2006 to plan our last trip! Perth isnt a big must for me, but Tassie is definately on our list!

We will mostly likely start and end in Melbourne - of course l need to discuss this with the other half he might have different ideas to me!

Thanks for your help!


4. Posted by Utrecht (Moderator 5597 posts) 10y

It took me a while as well to sort things out, especially about the distances in Australia. First wanted to visit sydney, blue mountains and so as well, but it really was too much, because we wanted the Great Ocean Road, outback and the northern parts defintely.
I heard so many times that Melbourne was better for a short visit than Sydney, that we decided not to go there.
Any advice about what to see and do in Melbourne and along the great ocean road by the way? Thanks

5. Posted by Sander (Moderator 4892 posts) 10y

Will probably reply more extensively in a day or two, but for now: January is the middle of the wet. Brisbane will be really really humid, and go much further north and you'll have never-ending torrential rains. Not the best time of the year to see those parts. (Visibility at the great barrier reef will be bad, too, due to the rain.)
So, if January is set in stone, I'd stick to the south. Plenty to see around there, and then some.

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7. Posted by isnoo (Inactive 77 posts) 10y

Hi Purdy,

January is the wrong time to be heading north - monsoonal time and not much touristy stuff available due to the rains and horrifically humid weather.

I would suggest you stay down south.

A possible route would be land in Perth, travel down through our magnificent and different south west - and head up to Kalgoorlie.

Catch a lift, bus or train (if you don't have your own vehicle) across the Nullabor Plain. This site is very interesting:

You could spend some time in beautiful and extremely diverse South Australia, travel across the bottom of the state through the Coorong and onto Victoria and Tassie.

This is a long trip admittedly but you will see a lot of variety.

You could shorten it by landing in Melbourne and travel across to South Aust by the southern route and then head up north through the Barossa Valley and Murraylands and back into Victoria via Mildura. Then travel along the Murray River route (along the Victoria and New South Wales border) and back down to Melbourne for your trip to Tassie on the Ferry.

You could very easily just spend the whole month in Tassie alone as well!!

There is an awful lot to see and do... and I suppose it comes down to if you want to have a "Cooks Tours" (see lots but not have time to really stop and enjoy as much as you could) or choose a samller area and "do" it in more depth.

Have fun choosing and I hope you enjoy your trip. One thing to remember though - it will be summer school holidays in January so there will be lots of families and kids on holidays as well. You could also find it difficult to make bookings for cars etc if you don't book early.

with regards


8. Posted by Purdy (Travel Guru 3546 posts) 10y

Thanks everyone for the replies - so if l want to do North and barrier reef etc etc along with Tassie & Uluru what month?

Would Nov or Feb/March?

Thanks for all the insight full info!


9. Posted by Purdy (Travel Guru 3546 posts) 10y

Quoting Utrecht

Any advice about what to see and do in Melbourne and along the great ocean road by the way? Thanks

Hey Michael

I loved Melbourne - but your right theres not as much to do as Sydney, l simply enjoyed the city much more - so much more laid back and relaxed atmosphere. People were friendlier (IMO only!).

We did the Great Ocean Road in 2 days with an over night stop - even at this it was still a push. We stopped off in Apollo Bay on day one - a nice quaint village but its quiet - everywhere closed by 10.30pm (it didnt bother us as it was our 3rd day in Oz and jet lag was catching up!) then the next day drove on to Warnabool and then made our way back to Melbourne inland.

The road is quite twisty windy but just take it slowly and enjoy the views! Great little villages to stop off along the way to take a break from driving and have a coffee and watch the world go by. I liked Angelessa, Port Campbell & Lorne.

Everything is well sign posted so driving was really easy and l must say at no time did we get lost AT all - which is amazing for us cos usually we do - so there were no arguements between the driver and naviagator - again a huge first for us! It must be the great Ozzie NO WORRIES mentality!

If theres anything else l can help with just PM me - cos l will be torturing everyone whilst l get this trip planned!


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10. Posted by Sander (Moderator 4892 posts) 10y

Quoting Purdy

Thanks everyone for the replies - so if l want to do North and barrier reef etc etc along with Tassie & Uluru what month?

Would Nov or Feb/March?

March actually is the wettest month of the year in Cairns. (The wet runs from mid December through mid April, roughly.)
Going purely by precipitation charts, I'd say November should be okay, but the last time this topic came up someone with actual experience of being around that part of Oz said that the month before the wet was worst, as it would already be really humid, without the relief of actual rain. So you'd have to make it really early November if you could.

For Uluru the only thing that matters is to get as far away from the January high summer as possible; it'll be insanely hot no matter what, but there's gradations of insanely hot you have no idea about yet. :)

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