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Americans and religion

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361. Posted by wotthefiqh (Inactive 1447 posts) 9y

Quoting Mel.

Quoting wotthefiqh

Now you are back, perhaps we can close the thread you started.

I think it should stay here for as long as people have something to add.
I am always interested in hearing peoples points of view, in case somebody introduces a thought that I have not yet thunk.;)

If you read wouterrr's first 2 initial posts of this thread, the fallacious (now ain't that a word which could get lotsa use
in the Travel Fling thread) assertion that the USA is a virtual Christian theocratic dictatorship like Iran lacks any evidence by the simplest of cursory examinations, so the basic premise of the thread flunked the credibility test at birth. I did get sucked in, didn't I???
Reason (e.g. Averroes) and societal progress is far superior to primitive religious dogma and cultural straightjackets.
If it looks like a vulture, walks like a vulture, squawks like a vulture and behaves like a vulture, it ain't the dove of
peace it claims to be.
Occam's Razor.

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