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few things to clear up for the itin

Travel Forums Europe few things to clear up for the itin

1. Posted by rbrettg (Budding Member, 37 posts) 9 Feb '07 11:20

okay yeah so im not sure about my itin its not finalised. initially i was heading to brussels but now i hear brudges is better so i may go there.. heres my itin right now. i switched munich out for budapest, i heard good things from budapest. Was it a good switch? should i switch it back, i don't realy know cause it is my first time. Also, i don't know if i should add marseille as a city on my list or what? what do you guys think?

frankfurt (starting destination)
brussels or brudges
budapest -> geneva (plane)

any help is greatly appriciated.

2. Posted by tway (Travel Guru, 7274 posts) 9 Feb '07 12:43

Brussels and Brugges are only about 2 hours apart by train. You can see Brugges in a day. I'd say do both.

3. Posted by t_maia (Moderator, 3291 posts) 11 Feb '07 13:14

Quoting rbrettg

frankfurt (starting destination)
brussels or brudges

Fyling into London, I would do it London-Amsterdam-Brugge-Brussels-Cologne-Berlin-Prague by train, provided I was on a railpass or had gotten a special offer for the train tickets.

Flying, I would do it London-Berlin-Amsterdam, then to Brussels and Brugge by train or bus, then flying Brussels-Vienna (=70 CAN for Brussels-Vienna in May with SkyEurope).

And yes, I would search the flights through! Actually, I would even fix my initiary around the flights I could find cheap through this site.

BTW, have you looked at the option of flying with Zoom into Glasgow? Glasgow has cheap connecting flights to Europe too.

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4. Posted by nicojammes (Budding Member, 26 posts) 11 Feb '07 15:36

Budapest is a great city, great atmosphere and the people are really nice, and its history is huge!!!
I'm not so sure about going to Marseille, or if you do, a day is enough to visit all there is to see: one or 2 museums, the old port, the cathedral on top of the hill, and from the old port take a boat that goes to the "calanques", beautiful place next to marseille, it's really worth it!!!!!