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Best Museums & Street Festivals in Europe?

Travel Forums Europe Best Museums & Street Festivals in Europe?

1. Posted by friscokid (Full Member 122 posts) 10y

any suggestions or preferences? if you will be kind and include the city name as well.

my travel time will be late summer early autumn 2007.

2. Posted by dr.pepper (Travel Guru 316 posts) 10y

Hey AJ,

I'm no expert on museums, especially on art related ones... But the Prado in Madrid was pretty excellent and it's free on Sundays (last I heard). :) Reina Sofia is another art museum with a more modern focus. It's quite close to the Prado and I'm pretty sure it's free on Sundays too, so I'd suggest spending a Sunday in Madrid. :)

3. Posted by coldwarspy (Travel Guru 1108 posts) 10y

Yeah The Prado is a great, especially for the Bosch, Earthly Delights!

Early Autumn, U may wanna try Oktoberfest - end of September in Munich.

where are u travelling? It may help to narrow down ur possible route first?

4. Posted by mariaines (Budding Member 39 posts) 10y

i haven't visited too many museums, but my favs are (i'm not a big fan of big museums)
1. Museu Dali, Figueres Spain (NOT in Barcelona, 2hr north by train), it's simply amazing
2. George Pompidou, Paris
3. Orsay, Paris
4. Reina Sofia is ok, but the last time they were under repairs and the whole dali & miro section were closed
5. If you like boats, the museu maritim in Barcelona is great

5. Posted by Herr Bert (Moderator 1384 posts) 10y

1. Vasa Museum - Stockholm
2. Van Gogh Museum - Amsterdam
3. MuMoK - Wien
4. Tate - London
5. Pergamon Museum - Berlin

Reina Sofia in Madrid, I visited twice, once for 5 minutes, and once for 15 minutes (well let's say I am not an early bird, and although they are opened on Sundays until 14.30 - for free (only on sunday) I managed to get there at 14.20, and the second time at 14.10.

The Prado I liked, (Esp. the bronzen sculptures, that in most other European cities, can't be found anymore). but don't expect signs in English. And like the Reina Sofia it is free on sundays, and opened until 14.30.

The Thyssen is a private museum, and not for free, but if you like art, worth a visit. It has a good collection on display.

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6. Posted by lutz (Budding Member 7 posts) 10y

Museums: Old, New and Modern Pinakothek in Munich. If you like modern Art the Pinakothek der Moderen is very recommendable.


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7. Posted by flo jo (Respected Member 414 posts) 10y

the Louvres in Paris

Street party Running of the Bull in Pamplona july (san fermin)

8. Posted by lutz (Budding Member 7 posts) 10y

Oh yes,

Pamplona. I have been there twice and I have to say: best party in the world. I come from Munich the home of the Oktoberfest!!!!!
I think San Fermines start at the 14 of June, but I m not sure anymore.....


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