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Going to the Netherlands for 1st time & I know no one...SOS

Travel Forums Europe Going to the Netherlands for 1st time & I know no one...SOS

1. Posted by sunilr (Inactive 4 posts) 9y

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I am an Australian citizen and coming over to the Netherlands in May on a working holiday VISA. I just need to know where the best & cheap places are to get initial 2/3 week accomodation and then I can start looking for a proper unit or something. I am coming over with another mate of mine from here in Oz. Also could you recommend a few areas which would be suitable to rent? I am not bent upon living in Amsterdam, I am happy to train into the city as well (upto 15/20 mins)?


2. Posted by elliot_aus (Full Member 61 posts) 9y

dunno what its like in the netherlands - but could be the right place to find cheap (free!) accommodation for when you first get there

never been to teh netherlands before - but planning on heading there some time soon
good luck!

3. Posted by Shoulder (Budding Member 10 posts) 9y

www.couchsurfing might be an idea but to stay for a longer time in one's home is not the initial setup of couchsurfing members, I read. You've also the Hospitality Club. People can inform you better about staying somewhere.
For the initial days you might book for a youth hostel. Look at
The Amsterdam branches (2 0r 3) are relatively expensive. So is renting rooms in the whole area, also at a 20/30 minutes train distance.

Do you already have the job?
When you're going to be in the east of the country probably I could be more helpful with lodging advise.

Anyway, good luck!

4. Posted by Vadrozsa (Inactive 13 posts) 9y

I suggest to ignore Amsterdam and travel south towards the Island district called "Zeeland" where you'l find nice sandy beaches, lots of people and an easy o find summer job, even for foreighners it's not to much of a problem to get work via an interim work agency called "uitzenburo", you will find plenty of the in towns like Midddelburg and Vlissingen.
Staying overhere is also much easier and cheaper than in the big city.
(I'm from Middelburg, so I know what I write)

5. Posted by bestmayo (Budding Member 14 posts) 9y

You just want to Amsterdam to work?

Amsterdam is not the only pace to be. The east of the netherlands is beautiful too. Places as Arhnem and Nijmegen are great to work. Or go the Utrecht in the middel of the country. ( 30 min from a'dam)
Or go to the south, like "Den Bosch" or "Maastricht".

The province "Zeeland" is very quiet but in the summertime ( jun-sep) there're a lot of tourist at the beaches. Than there's a lot of work too.

In amsterdam is This hostel is very cheap.

You can also stay in a place near Amsterdam and easy go by train. Places like "Zeist", "Hilversum" are just 30 min travel.
A longe stay adress/apartment is very expensive in Amsterdam.

Good luck!!

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6. Posted by bentivogli (Travel Guru 2398 posts) 9y

Quoting Vadrozsa

I suggest to ignore Amsterdam and travel south towards the Island district called "Zeeland"

I'm with Vadrosza; finding a summer job in Amsterdam is xtremely hard, unless you'd be interested in doing factory work, in which the pay is lousy. Zeeland is a much better choice; easy to find a legal job, and cheaper in terms of accom, too. Couchsurfing is not as popular yet here as in Oz, but you could give it a try.


7. Posted by bisca (Budding Member 6 posts) 9y

I hope you're willing to pay quite a bit because accomodation everywhere in Holland is expensive. :/ Sad, but true. Amsterdam and other big cities (Utrecht, The Hague, Rotterdam etc) have rooms for rent starting from a minimum of 400euros per month (not including utilities or anything). It's also possible to get a house via government housing companies (cheaper) but the waiting list is usually very long (over 10 years in big cities) so I think it's unlikely you can find a place.

You can try contacting a hostel to see if you can get a special rate since you're staying longer or better yet, work somewhere where board and lodging is offered.

good luck!

8. Posted by sunilr (Inactive 4 posts) 9y

Thank you all for your kind and quick response. I was also just wondering since I work as a Bus Anal/Project Mgr here in Oz, which city in Netherlands is more like an IT/Telco or even a city full of companies (like in Oz I would recommend people to come to Sydney, since it i sthe main port and has loads of companies based here and a busy hub)? What places would you recommend if I need to get into a decent job? Also do you recommend any websites I can look into to see what jobs are available? Any tips or anything would really help...

9. Posted by bisca (Budding Member 6 posts) 9y

hi sunil, amsterdam, den haag and rotterdam are big cities with lots of expats and international companies.

this is a job agency (free , i think) specialising in finding jobs for people who can't speak dutch.

good luck