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1. Posted by faisalr (Budding Member 19 posts) 10y


Iam quite new to the African forum and would appreciate if you could guide / advice of how I can see more things in my vist to Cairo/Alexandria.

Basically, I shall be for 10 days in Egypt (mainly in Cairo/Alexandria) therefore apart from historical (pyramids/mueseums) and nightlife aspect what more can / should i see there culturally, sight seeing, shopping, cruises, nature etc.

Appreicate if you could guide on commuting by train.



Sorry: If you find the questions very familiar

2. Posted by wouterrr (Travel Guru 3379 posts) 10y

Hi faisal.

Cairo is fantastic. Its a great city to hang out. Alexandria is also quite nice. please look into my photogallery for some pics of Cairo and Alexandria. Alexandria has the one of the largest libraries of the world if that interests you (bibiliotheca Alexandrina; 8.000.000 books...have to say that many people would be hell bored). The Corniche at the sea is great and has activity 24/7 (my advice is not to pick a room at the corniche side; you won't sleep;)).

In Cairo you should head for hotel Ismalia house. It has great views on the Tahrir square (in downtown Cairo) and its on the 8th floor (I have a great pic from this hotel on the square). Make a reservation as soon as possible for room 805 (if you want I can PM you their emailadress and telephone number for a reservation). Room 805 has a huge balcony and is only LE60 (about 685 Pakistani Rupees). It has the best views (on the nile, the hilton and the Egyption museum and ofcourse the Tahrir square). If you have 10 days you could eventually go to the Sinai. Visit Dahab. That is a very nice and relaxed place to stay. It has a lot of cozy restaurants and hotels (also a lot of touts, but that comes with it unfortunately). It is fantastic snorkelling or diving here. The coral and the different species of animals is marvellous and one of the best experiences for me in Egypt. Don't go to Sharm-el-Sheik, its not worth it. Instead visit mount Sinai and see the sunrise, its amazing and a never to forget experience (also see my photogallery for Dahab and Mount Sinai (st. Catharine)).

You could also go to the western desert for a desert experience. Siwa is a relaxed and laidback oasis. Time stands still here. You will see only donkey carts and loads of deed palmtrees here. Another option that is. I hope this helps. If you want to know more, please let me know,


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3. Posted by sandnsea (Budding Member 22 posts) 10y

hi there
try to give a visit to the aara ,farafra oases and the white desert ,its great ,to camp there for a night ,i can give you good info where and how to go and where to stay if you want ,also as wouterrr said ,siwa is great place too

wouterrr i see you have good knowledge of egypt ,you visited it alot?
i see you are from holland ,i loved it thu...,i lived there almost 2 years ,used to study there ,

4. Posted by wouterrr (Travel Guru 3379 posts) 10y

Quoting sandnsea

wouterrr i see you have good knowledge of egypt ,you visited it alot?
i see you are from holland ,i loved it thu...,i lived there almost 2 years ,used to study there ,

No, only once. I have some connection with the country though. My sister is about to settle there with her (coptic) boyfriend. She is also a arabic language student at the moment (she will do her internship in a top hotel in Cairo starting in about two weeks).....

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