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111. Posted by peace (Budding Member 2 posts) 12y

I do enjoy reading on this forum and thanks to the ppl out there sharing their experiences on how to get the working visa done. But recently it seems that more bad words are used by some ppl to express their anger. Be patient, nothing come easy when u need to get to a country which is not your home country. Calling people stupid and lazy is not the way to relief ur anger. Do respect the people out there and respect yourself too.

112. Posted by Snoozy (Budding Member 12 posts) 12y

Oops... one of the words slipped out.

And hey "peace",

Calling people stupid and lazy IS a way to relief MY anger cuz that IS what they are. If they were more efficient and clearer about things, perhaps then people wouldn't be fuming. In fact, I was just expressing the impression I got from these people. No offence or anything.
Why are you so bothered anyway? Work there or somat? If so you could give us some insight.

113. Posted by peace (Budding Member 2 posts) 12y

hey Snoozy,

Why am I bothered because i prefer to read some details about how to get the working visa done rather than your f word and the initial of the bad words. You are not the only one who is so frustrated about all these.

I had a bad experience too to get some information from them. But later this staff explained to me that they were followed the instruction from the higer level. In hicom, people work in different levels. Some handling the enquires, some handling the processing and so on. The enquiry staff will usually get scolded by ppl because they follow the instruction from the higher level. They have a pre-set of questions and answers. They usually followed that.

Be patient if u want to get visa done.

114. Posted by Snoozy (Budding Member 12 posts) 12y

Yo yo Peace!

I reckon it's only healthy to express feelings and sure makes it more varied, no? And if you don't want to read it, just skip the word. Gah. And if I you offended, my bad but chillout man! Think of it as a different style of writing. I'm simply warning people about how frustrating it can get, it's better than having no info at all and be left in the dark. I was given the impression before applying that it only took 2-5 days and that its really simple, no fuss at all. Not so now! So, for people that are reading, they'll sense the frustration and will be better prepared. So really I'm doing people a favour.

I know that these people have preset answers but IMPROVISE! So, for those who don't know already, 2-5 working days means it MAY be 2-5 working days but usually not. Also be warned that the people at the visa centre are rude and won't bother if your application is filled in correctly or not even if you asked for their help. Its like a big exam to know how to fill out these forms. So research lots. Maybe I should work there instead, they don't seem to like their jobs.

Have you gotten your visa yet and when did you apply? Why don't you share some of your experiences rather than just reading eh? I've made other plans that requires my passport, and of course i may seem more impatient as i have places to go.

Well, I'll be going there now so we'll see. :-) Hope all goes well. Looks like i'll only have to write NICE and "PEACE"FUL things from now on (read as: nothing). Just playing there just incase....!

115. Posted by Priss (Full Member 23 posts) 12y

hi all....

okay.... a couple more questions... someone in the forum (sorry dude... can't remember yer nick) advised that the money in the account not just seem to 'appear' out of no where... ok... so i have my previous employement contracts but not the pay slips... will that do?

there is a section that requires you to fill in your current employment.... thing is i'm not employed at the mo.... in between things.... or rather if the visa is approved and i can leave in january then i'll just leave... so, should i just write "unemployed" there?

it's true about the ppl at the application center... called them us and even went there to ask a couple of questions... the very ones i've put up in this forum... but they just seem very impatient. They don't seem to care whether you've fill in the forms correctly or not.... example of a question i asked ... maybe someone in here could help me with this..

I've been to the uk on my mom's passport when i was a kid.... the form asks for you to state the visa number or something.... which is it.... the guy at the center look one look as my mom's old passport and got fed up and just told me to state that the number is unavailable..... some one help me with this please....?

116. Posted by sylvyy (Full Member 25 posts) 12y

I'm too excited to type! I got the visa! YES! I got the visa!!!!! no interview!!!!
now I don't know what to do!
my status is: Please collect your Passport from the UK Visa Application Centre where it was submitted. (I supposed that mean I got the visa!)

117. Posted by sylvyy (Full Member 25 posts) 12y

I'm too excited to type! I got the visa! YES! I got the visa!!!!! no interview!!!!
now I don't know what to do!
my status is: Please collect your Passport from the UK Visa Application Centre where it was submitted. (I supposed that mean I got the visa!)

118. Posted by Snoozy (Budding Member 12 posts) 12y

OMG! Sylvyy congrats!!!When did u send in your application!? WOW! Congrats!!

Hope the same things for me! -fingers crossed-

119. Posted by deb2 (Budding Member 5 posts) 12y

Hey guys, I think Snoozy, sylvyy and I submitted the application around the same time (difference by few days only). Mine on Friday, Snoozy and Sylvyy on Wednesday the following week and Sylvyy has got her visa now. Hmm, hopefully same thing happen to us too, Snoozy. My status on the website is same as urs, no update since last week. Status is still 'application has been sent to brit high comm.' Kinda worry they will hold my passport and other documents this long !! And I really really really understand Snoozy kind of feeling now because i m going through the same situation as hers !! Let us pray for the best result. I dunnot want to wait for MTHS.


120. Posted by Snoozy (Budding Member 12 posts) 12y


Its so nice to know that theres someone else out there thats in the same position and knows the feeling... that uneasy feeling u know? I hope i filled in the form correctly!!! So i guess this thing isn't based on when u hand ur app in!
Whats MTHS?

I went to VFS today to check out Johnnyboy's suggestion to just go after 5 days but they said to wait anyway. The woman i spoke to was a malay lady and she was well nice, and said maybe another 2 weeks! :-) -gasp- :-) Some are nice but still beware.

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