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241. Posted by yapkh (Budding Member 34 posts) 12y


Hehehe another malaysian in da house :P

I had been hoping to join this scheme since early this year and now i guess i decided to do it some where near january and eitehr will go in April or May depends when they wanna approve it. Hope to get a Visa without an interview else it will be really headache

BTW those who successfully got their visa, congrat and just a Question, U ppl who get the approval without interview have been to UK b4 ?

And maybe to share what u ppl have been filling in the form so the rest who plan to go can gain some confident :P

For now,i have no freds in UK(either is back to msia or i dont even know they r in UK already :P) i guess it will be real taugh and my english is not really that good

Money is another issue too. ... thou i wish to enjoy the trip there but i still hope to save up some money (maybe RM50k) so that i will have no worry when im back to msia

might be going alone too sigh......

242. Posted by spell (Budding Member 7 posts) 12y


I thot I'd share my experience of applying for this visa - useful for any silent Singaporeans in this forum, and perhaps for other nationalities too.

The procedure is quite straightforward - the number of documents you need to submit is less than what's required for Malaysians. For all the "additional comments" and such sections of the VAF form, I simply reiterated over and over that my intent is to holiday and I will certainly return to Singapore.

The visa office in Robinson Rd is not crowded - at least, when I went, I didn't even need to queue. The counter staff will check that your documents are in place, and you may pay the visa fee in cash. It takes 4 working days for the visa to be processed, after which you can collect your passport (with the visa inside) My personal experience of this has been very smooth and hassle-free. So don't get disheartened!

On Banks: HSBC Singapore requires you to have held a HSBC account for at least one year (they make exceptions, but your account still needs to be at least 6 mths old) before they will write you a recommendation letter for HSBC UK. There is no such thing as 'automatic' qualification for a HSBC UK account. UOB Singapore has a branch in the UK, and can write you a recommendation letter too(they charge, of course).

Kody - I'm sure that your visa is approved, cos I got the same msg at the vfs website too, and I got my visa today!

243. Posted by FlyAway (Budding Member 11 posts) 12y

Hi Yap,

FYI, I've been to UK once last year, for a 2 weeks holiday. Anyway, I don't think that it was a great advantage for my application.

244. Posted by kody (Respected Member 234 posts) 12y

Hi yapkh,

Fyi, I've not been to UK before but my gf did.
Both of us have no problem this time.
Besides, regarding on what I've written in my application,
I bet I've stated in my previous replies.
Pls kindly flip through them. I know this topic is getting fatter and fatter, but pls make an effort to scan through. ;)
I bet most of the answers were already there for you, and most of them are quite direct. So don't worry.
I was once a doubter and seeking for helps like a nut. Thanks to those fantastic helpers in here.

Pls don't get me wrong for not helping to elaborate in such details. Pls do pm me if u really in need of help. I'll be willing to help. Chin up alrite...
I just felt that the information is sufficient and very helpful for every newbies. Besides, we should give some credits to all contributers in this forum. Well done and thank you so much to all.

With respect,
Nick ;)

245. Posted by yapkh (Budding Member 34 posts) 12y

Yeah i had read it over and over for a few times but as you ppl did b4 (i believe) i'm over worried..... btw it just happen come to my mind that if you ppl had been to UK before with tourist or student visa thing should be easier .. he he he

now im kind of stunned and dont really know what to do and last few week i have a lousy haircut n now left less than 1" long. Just look like im just release from jail and that worried me even more :p

hehehe anyway let january 2005 come and hope i can get thing sort out accordingly :P:P:P

246. Posted by kody (Respected Member 234 posts) 12y

Hi all,

Thinking about it, I would be leaving for UK in the mid of March 2005.
I am looking forward to see whether are there anyone out there
is looking for a housemate/roomate/flatshare in London.
It's expensive staying alone, I bet you know why.

Need any info about me? Drop me a msg

Nick ;)

247. Posted by YS (Budding Member 11 posts) 12y

Im interested to share with you providing that my friend and I can get the visa successfully. We are going to submit on coming mon, if the process is as smooth as you, then we are leaving mid march as well. Btw, you are planning to stay in London? If you are not that urgent, then i will inform you as soon as i get the visa. I thought you will be staying with your aunt temporarily? But, if you do get housemates, then just ignore me here. I will plan again with my friend. But, i think will be great if we can be housemates coz we are from same country...we can take care of each other. Yup..forgot one thing, my cousin is UK also thinking to stay with me if i decided to rent a house.

248. Posted by oshy_79 (Budding Member 18 posts) 12y

Congrats kody n flyaway! one question, did u send in the original application forms or u download from internet? it was mentioned forms n questionaire so do we download both? thought of going KL to get the forms but if can download then less hassle. ;)

249. Posted by Achtung (Budding Member 12 posts) 12y

Well done to all the guys who've recently got the was my turn...and I got it on the very same day !! Oh by the way....I applied in Dubai.

I was made to believe that this would be pretty much an over-the-counter affair...quite the contrary ! In fact, the visa officer said that the only reason i am being granted the visa (without ever visiting the UK) is cos i've travelled extensively...including Egypt, Turkey, India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Singapore, Norway, Thailand and Holland !!!

So a word of advice for the guys applying from Dubai, best to get to UK at least on a visit visa first...that will possibly help your chances. In terms of bank balance, you're required show that you can support yourself for about a month...i showed enuf funds for 3 months...and i dont that helped much ready to be grilled !

Got a question now. Those who've recently got the WHV...does the 2 year period start on the date the visa was issued ?? In my case its 12-Dec-2004..i thought we cud request it to be post-dated..guess not...which means i need to get going pretty soon huh ?!

Thanks for all the info you guys have posted here....its amazing..cos you dont find this stuff on any website...keep the info coming and all the best to future WHV candidates ! ;)

250. Posted by FlyAway (Budding Member 11 posts) 12y

Quoting oshy_79

Congrats kody n flyaway! one question, did u send in the original application forms or u download from internet? it was mentioned forms n questionaire so do we download both? thought of going KL to get the forms but if can download then less hassle. ;)

I downloaded from the internet. Besides the application form and questionaire, do not forget to include the checklist, a letter explaining ur plan and an undertaking to leave the UK after 2yrs. According to my friend who helped me to submit the application, she saw an applicant at the visa centre was asked to come again next time just because she missed out the statement of undertaking.

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