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301. Posted by YS (Budding Member 11 posts) 12y

You are always welcome!!Have you got your visa? If yes, congratulation but if not yet, then i should wish you GOOD LUCK!

302. Posted by YS (Budding Member 11 posts) 12y

Anyone who is going to UK soon, do you mind to share questions been asked by the immigresion officer provided you get the internet that we who going later can have some ideas about it! Thank you very much!

303. Posted by sylvyy (Full Member 25 posts) 12y

I just arrived today, I was surprise I got through the immigration officer easily. I think he asked about 3 questions:

why you're here?
how long you'll be here?
You're here because of the work and travel visa?

simple as that and he let me pass, didn't do the x-ray, didn't check whether I have a return or single-trip ticket... etc

weather is quite ok this afternoon but at night it's freezing to walk on the street. Especially whenever a car pass by, I was shivering underneath my thick jacket. but i only wear a long sleeve shirt, jeans, and the jacket and pair of gloves. Probably need another layer when go out at night.

Alright till then. Good luck!!

304. Posted by YS (Budding Member 11 posts) 12y

Thanks for giving the rough idea of what they are going to ask and congratulation that you have stepped you legs in the UK. Mind to tell what did you answer their questions?

305. Posted by sylvyy (Full Member 25 posts) 12y

the first answer was I'm here to work and travel.
second, I'll be here for 2 years.
third, is yes of course.

hope that help

306. Posted by e_scissors (Budding Member 9 posts) 12y

Hi guys from s'pore and malaysia,

Nice to know that you are are taking the first step to venture over here. I stayed in malaysia and SIngapore for most of my life till I came over here last summer(6 months ago). Reallie love London. Its worth the trip to come over here and just risk it while you are young. You have more to gain than anything else....gve me a msg when you need some help or advice....edward.wijaya at


307. Posted by e_scissors (Budding Member 9 posts) 12y

Quoting sylvyy

the first answer was I'm here to work and travel.
second, I'll be here for 2 years.
third, is yes of course.

hope that help

Hi sylvyy,

welcome to London... im sure you will find this a great place to stay.... enjoy urself over here... Come on sometimes to drink kopi...n probably we can formed a malaysian community around here too:)


308. Posted by e_scissors (Budding Member 9 posts) 12y

Gosh just realised this is a long thread...Should have look for this forum before i come to UK. I thought i was the only crazy sort to come over to UK from Singapore. That was almost 6 months ago. Can understand how some of you all feel. Its the mixed feelings of excitement and anxiety. Excited for the new environment and new friends that you are going to make. Anxiety for jobs and the lack of fund to substain in such a expansive county, especially London. There is definitely no problem in getting a job to get by and even to save up for the backpacking trip around Europe. However, there is always concern whether this is a waste of time on our career back home, where we will get better jobs.

I remember a retired colleague of mine in UK tell me:" When you are at my age, 2 years are reallie short." Tink when we are old, this probably will be the most memorable 2 years that we are going to spend. No doubt it will be hard. But again a colleague from south africa, in my present job said:"If I can managed to come and live here independently, there is little things that i cant achieved in life."

I think whoever have the determination and character to come over here... will have a good chance to get a good job... with such determined and entrepreneur spirit. Treat this trip as a opportunity to find out more about yourself and build up your character and personality. Also, opened up to make all sorts of frenzs, n never close up to yourself. ALso frenzs are very important here...coz it can get depressing smetimes living in the winter.

WIsh yah guys best of luck! I didnt come on WHM but very similar situation with you all guys:)

Edward (Singapore PR, Johorian)

309. Posted by Achtung (Budding Member 12 posts) 12y

Hi Scissors

Totally agree with you about UK...London at least. Was pretty depressed when i got here....all alone...didnt know anyone...but two days into the trip and i've totally settled terms of meeting an interesting bunch of young the youth hostel. Managed to figure out the transport system...which is obviously of paramount importance!

You're definitely NEED to have company here...else you're bound to be low...especially in this weather...pretty chilly altho the locals deem its a rather mild winter !

Met people from France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Sri Lanka, America, Scotland, Ireland, Mexico, Germany, if THATS not an electic tell me what is ! ;)

As for the guys who want to get into the UK with their WHM visas...let me tell you that i was asked to get an xray...but the questions included :

1. Is this your first time to the UK ?
2. How long do you plan to stay here ?
3. What do you plan to do after the 2 years are over ?

Be sensible with your answers and you will breeze thru immigration.

London is a very expensive place, the pound dont necessarily very far here. I'm spending way too much...but then i'm also managing to have a good time (including getting sloshed almost every nite !)...thats one thing that you need to do...dont get overly caught up in the job search...make time to take in London...not everything costs the sky !! The best thing that you'll find here is the plethora of cheap travel deals to Europe and Continental America. My Puerto Rican friend found a deal to Budapest for 99p...ok so it was excluding taxes...but STILL ? So if travelling is your cuppa tea...get your "arses" to other place to be ! Si E-scissors ?

Cheers from London for now !

310. Posted by yapkh (Budding Member 34 posts) 12y


It seems like thing is getting heat up again here :D
well initially plan to apply the visa today but thing is no good ... sigh...... I havent get any contact or friends in UK as my reference. Well of coz it had been told that it is not a must to have a contact in Uk but again Im trying to lower the chances of being ask for an interview. Comon it is so annoying when they ask any of us here to wait for an interview on June 2006. Any of you here have a permenant contact and address in UK ? Well of coz not really permenant I mean will be reachable within this 2 mths time ? Please do send me a message I really need that.

Also im still working with the 2 yrs plan in UK. Well this also get mess up too as I stuck here n there dont really know how those ppl want it to be if possible plz send me a copy of urs so i can refer to as well

Thanks for now

BTW, if I manage to go and so the rest of u(malaysian) we can really form a malaysian society or perhaap an international club :D

BTW plan to go on the April Fool day :D Maybe any1 wanna pick me up in the airport and fool around :P

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