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Tightest RTW Schedule Ever?

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1. Posted by Smirnoff (Budding Member 43 posts) 10y

I've been monitoring the site quite a bit lately, and I finally decided to do the typical newbie post.

I think that I've gotten myself and my travel companion in a very TIGHT (i.e. "Amazing Race" type of) schedule for a 8-9 week RTW trip starting this June. My original plan was to simply do Australia, but I figured since I'm already going across the globe, I might as well see as much as I can...oh it goes starting from Ontario, Canada

San Francisco (2 nights)
Sydney (5 nights)
East Coast upto Brisbane (5 nights)
Alice Springs (2 nights)
Ayers Rock (2 nights)
Perth (4 nights)
Adelaide (2 nights)
Cairns (4 nights)
Hong Kong (2 nights)
Serbia (11 nights)
Athens (3 nights)
Rome (3 nights)
Florence (2 nights)
Venice (2 nights)
Barcelona (3 nights)
Paris (4 nights)
London (4 nights)

Most of these are flights except for the OZ East Coast and Italy. I think that I might be sick of airports by the end of it.

Now the funny thing is...the tickets are booked, so there is no looking back. In retrospect I think that I should have added a couple of more weeks to OZ or NZ. Ahh the coulda, woulda, shoulda.

Any suggestions on how to make this trip go smoothly? Any comments?


2. Posted by Utrecht (Moderator 5597 posts) 10y

Well, can't comment anymore really, but it sure is tight. Oh well, see it as challenge!

But...LOL...11 nights in Serbia? Some relatives over there?

3. Posted by Gelli (Travel Guru 2457 posts) 10y

"Tightest RTW Schedule Ever?"

Tight, but not that tight. A guy that used to be a regaular on here did a rtw in a WEEKEND, whilst a former colleague of mine did one in 3weeks for their honeymoon. Admittedly a bit differnt, but your 9weeks seems positively bristling with time!

Actually, it's not too bad, providing you are trying to use it as a taster and not as a "see everything" trip. It's essentially 3weeks in Australia (more than most holidaymakers get) followed by a month in Europe, which is the amount of time most Eurrailers have, and your month in Europe is fairly calm and well reasoned compared to most (who shoot about allot more).

Obviously more time woulde be better, but it will be an amazing 2.5months holiday and shouldn't be that bad. Especially if your flights are well timed so you don't loose days unneccessarrily.

Good luck and enjoy

4. Posted by aharrold45 (Travel Guru 1281 posts) 10y

That sure is rushed, I did a similar trip a while ago which went for 4 months and I crammed 27 countries in to the trip (a few are micro countries like Monaco, Vatican City, Singapore). The trip was still very very good but every minute of my time every single day from first dayligh to night was taken up doing stuff and sometimes after dark on buses and trains was as well. Of the places you put a lot of nights why Serbia? Rome definitely deserves more than 3.

Have a great time and use your time efficiently.

5. Posted by Smirnoff (Budding Member 43 posts) 10y

Thanks for the replies everyone. I still have mixed feelings on whether or not my itinerary is wise.

"Of the places you put a lot of nights why Serbia? Rome definitely deserves more than 3."

Yeah the 11 nights obviously stands out. I have a lot of family there, and I could not pass through Europe without stopping there. A shorter stay may also seem like an insult. I agree with the statement that Rome deserves more time, and it is actually the stop in Europe that I would like to see the most...I could care less about Venice, and hence maybe one less night stay there could give me an extra night in Rome?

"Tight, but not that tight"
Where can I find more information about this 1 weekend RTW? Sounds crazy. Also, I obviously exaggerated by saying 'tightest schedule ever'. In my head it seems doable, as long as I do not have a stroke of bad luck (doubtful!). You make a good point about it being only a taster of each location. I just wonder if all of the transportation costs are worth just a taste?

I've attempted to minimize travel times with direct flights and early/late times, and the order seems reasonable to me. But then again, the criss-crossing of OZ may prove to be more challenging than anything.

Any further suggestions or comments? anyone?


6. Posted by t_maia (Travel Guru 3290 posts) 10y

The "essential" Venice can be covered in a day - arrive in the morning, leave in the evening. Only people who have more time (and money, as a hotel in Venice proper is extremely expensive) stay for one or a max of two nights in Venice and take a trip to one of the islands in the lagune the next day.

7. Posted by GregW (Travel Guru 2635 posts) 10y

I did 16 days from Paris to Hong Kong overland by rail... It's tight, and you don't get to see a lot, but it does give you a taste for places that you want to go back to. The only problem is that most places I went looked really cool, and now I want to go back.

Where can I find more information about this 1 weekend RTW?

Not sure the specifics of that one, but I think I recall a guy who did a 27 hour trip round the world. And tons of people over on do it as "mileage runs" to get miles.


8. Posted by Gelli (Travel Guru 2457 posts) 10y

Where can I find more information about this 1 weekend RTW?

Not sure the specifics of that one,

Greg - I was relying on you to remember the details of the guy!

I think (but not sure) that he was called iloveflyin (sp?) - but might have been another regular from the same time - and he was a regular on here about 3years ago. He might have worked for an airline as well, and had been planning the trip for a bit.

I can't remember the details, but think he started in Dallas or Denver, spent a day in London (99% sure) and a day in Hong Kong (might have been Beijing or Tokyo) between 3 flights.

Can't remember any more, but i'll try and find out.

[ Edit: Edited on Mar 1, 2007, at 10:54 AM by Gelli ]

9. Posted by Smirnoff (Budding Member 43 posts) 10y

So it was an actual RTW for the purpose of visiting/travelling? The mileage runs Greg speaks of seem to defeat the purpose of travelling, no?

10. Posted by GregW (Travel Guru 2635 posts) 10y

I suppose there are a few reasons one would travel so quickly. Sometimes I think you just do things to say you have done them.

For a lot of the people on Flyertalk, mileage runs are a way to build up a lot of miles in their frequent flyer accounts for little money in a short time. Then they can use the points later for a nice vacation to some place like Hawaii or Thailand...

For me, the Paris-Hong Kong thing started as a bit of idle chat over a beer (as most good plans do). I was going to be in Paris, and then had a couple weeks to take off on vacation. I was chatting with a friend about where to go in Europe - Spain, England, Netherlands, Italy? Soon we were talking about Eastern European countries, and how easy it would be to get there because of the train systems. Which begged the question...

"Exactly how far can one get from Paris overland in a 2 week period?"

The answer, after some research, turned out to be pretty far... And once I had the idea in my head, I was pretty sure that nothing to get it out. Either I had to do it, or drive myself crazy.