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Cheapest way to get from Berlin to Copenhagen on sunday..

Travel Forums Europe Cheapest way to get from Berlin to Copenhagen on sunday..

1. Posted by MelesMeles (Full Member 137 posts) 9y

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Looks like I'll need an idea, how to get from Berlin to Copenhagen on 25th of March, on budget. Plane tickets are expensive, 'cause it's the weekend.

How much is a train/bus ticket? How long would it take? Flights with Sterling/Air Berlin are either too expensive or sold out..


2. Posted by sunilsm_in (Budding Member 4 posts) 9y

Please visit
unfortunately its in German.

there are 3 buses on this day from Berlin to Copenhagen.

Ab: 07:30 Uhr
An: 14:50 Uhr (Ankunft am gleichen Tag)

Ab: 15:15 Uhr
An: 22:40 Uhr (Ankunft am gleichen Tag)

Ab: 21:00 Uhr
An: 05:15 Uhr (Ankunft am nächsten Tag)

Abfahrtsort: Berlin, ZOB am Funkturm
Ankunftsort: Kopenhagen, Hambrosgade
Abfahrtsdatum: 25.03.2007

take care

3. Posted by Herr Bert (Moderator 1384 posts) 9y

Does it really has to be on that exact date? If you can move it by one day, on either saturday or sunday, you could have an Easyjet flight for under 40 euros (taxes incl.)

Just checked
The fasted trainconnection is 6.44 hrs.
and would cost you 114,90 euro

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4. Posted by MelesMeles (Full Member 137 posts) 9y

Unfortunately it has to be on Sunday. :( Can't get monday off.

Also ideas about flying into/out of Berlin with some connecting flight (via Prague? ...) are most welcome.

Bus ticket price is reasonable, but 7hrs..

5. Posted by S_Deisler (Respected Member 266 posts) 9y

What do you mean, flying to berlin from Prague or the other way? Or do you mean flying from Copenhagen to Prague?

I've read the whole post but I didn't understand, I've probably missed something

6. Posted by Gelli (Travel Guru 2457 posts) 9y

You can do it by train for 53euros, although it's not the quickest. You book on line, and you first buy a 33euro Schones Wochend ticket, and travel Berlin to Hamburg on Regional trains via Schwerin [Which saves you 20euros on the - infrequent - Intercity price, and 30euros on the ICE price] and then you buy a seperate 22.50euro ticket on the direct train from hamburg to Kbh. There are still some available, but these discount tickets sell out quickly. You might find a bus between Berlin and Hamburg to bring the cost down further.

You can do it on ICE in Germany for 82.50euros if you book the two sectiosn seperately using the cheap bit from Hamburg as above (it saves you 40euros by booking it in 2 halves instead of one ticket)

Hitchhiking is reasonably easy on this route (to Rostock, foot passenger to Gedser) then bus to Nykobing and train/bus, or hitch.

Also ideas about flying into/out of Berlin with some connecting flight (via Prague? ...)

You can fly to London Stanstead for 30euros (Ryanair), but sadly it's too late to connect with the cheap flights to Kbh or Malmo on teh Sunday. If you can delay Monday arrival a bit, you could go to London late on Sunday, then on teh early flight to Kbh and be in Kastrup before 10am.

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7. Posted by kesadilla (Budding Member 4 posts) 9y


I think you should be able to find a student ride share board or website. I'm not sure whether or not you have to be a german university student or not to get site access but there should be other sites. We've traveled throughout germany with rideshares for a quarter of the price. It was always a great adventure. I'm sure you can find some itn'l ones.
good luck


8. Posted by stuthkfl (Budding Member 115 posts) 9y

have you checked ?

9. Posted by kesadilla (Budding Member 4 posts) 9y


those ride share websites are (could possibly be .com)


10. Posted by MelesMeles (Full Member 137 posts) 9y

Thanks all! I'll definitely check into these rideshare websites - sounds like a good idea. Bus travel is out of the question - the money saved isn't proportional to the time spent on the bus, sadly. And maybe I can find a cheap flight at least one way.

When it comes to flying, I was thinking about flying from Copenhagen > via some other airport > Berlin, or the other way around, just to clear things up.