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1. Posted by huishan (Full Member 96 posts) 10y

hey guys.

just wanna ask, how much of a shampoo do you guys fill up the bottle? cos of air pressure, you cant fill it to the brim as it will leak out of the bottle up in the sky.

you guys fill it up to 3/4 of the bottle?

2. Posted by Dezafinado (Full Member 177 posts) 10y

No, don't fill it to the brim. What I do is squeeze out some air and close the cap. That way it has room to expand in flight. Tape the cap with masking tape.

3. Posted by s_hoot (Respected Member 497 posts) 10y

Why fly with that kinda stuff when you can just buy some when you get to your destination. I have had them explode on me before so I no longer put that kinda stuff in my bags. Luckily I had them in a ziplock and it did not go everywhere.

4. Posted by samsara_ (Travel Guru 5353 posts) 10y

Ugh. yeah, Ive one two many Pantene explosions in my pack. I buy as small a bottle as I can and just use that. I always end up leaving full bottles of shampoo after me in hostels because they are just a pain in the ass to carry around.

5. Posted by Sander (Moderator 4941 posts) 10y

I buy shampoo bottles with screw caps, and wrap a small plastic bag around them (inside the bag of toiletries) whenever I'm flying, so that if they go pop after all, at least the mess will be contained.

[ Edit: Edited on Mar 7, 2007, at 11:46 AM by Sander ]

6. Posted by KoalaGirl (Travel Guru 307 posts) 9y

[b]zip lock bags! zip lock bags! [b] Never leave home without them!